Not Born a Genius

I have never been a genius, but I have always been intelligent. I have not always been wise, but I have always been intelligent. I have not always applied my intelligence. God gave me a good mind, a quick one, one that reasons well and thinks fast, witty. But that speed of thought and high IQ never served me when I was thinking in my heart selfishly. When I was proud and self-serving, my intelligence was not able to be applied to the people around me. It was strong enough to carry me well but not strong enough to make a difference to others. Intelligence only becomes wisdom with God’s help and with humility and love or God and love of others. Then wisdom happens. It is always a reward from God and always an answer to a humble prayer. Then, with God and the right heart, intelligence converts into wisdom and even genius. ❤

Less of Us, More of God

I offended many who love the New Age crap and self-thought, self-care, self-absorption. I am glad of that. Not enough truth is being told and when it is, it is watered down or cushioned with narcissistic enabling words so people listen. The Bible says in the last days people will be lovers of self, going after flattery over truth and narcisssistic in every aspect of their lives. Tech and entertainment promote this, addictions promote this, demons promote this, everything and everyone standing against Christ Jesus as Lord of all promotes this. That tells me it is evil and I must run the opposite way. I fell for it for a bit, with self-improvement crap. It is all nonsense and strokes the ego rather than pulling you toward Christ Jesus, the only way to eternal security in Heaven. We MUST have less of us in our lives and more of God, more of Jesus, more of His truth and goodness. That is lasting eternal improvement. The way of the humble is the way to Christ Jesus. The foot of the cross and exuberance of the resurrection is true eternal life. Less of me, more of God!!!❤❤❤

Being Humble is the Key to Everything

The base nature of man is drenched in pride. We say “humble” and the sinful nature cringes. People don’t get it. Pride is the biggest obstacle to peace and joy and close relationships- to God or anyone else. Being humble is the key to every great joy in life. Being humble is the key to success. Because God can then step in and do His work which is a million times greater than ours. Being humble allows growth, relationships, success to flow. Everything truly and eternally good comes from being humble. It is the key. Fight the knee jerk reaction to remain proud and allow the humbling of your mind and soul. Everything will change for the better when it becomes a habit.❤

Being Humble vs Being Humiliated

The difference is who is humbling you and your choice in the matter. This is important. It is a matter of will. Being humble is willingly choosing not to be the most important thing n in your life. Being humble is beautiful and noble and allowing God to be God and trusting Him for the best in your life. It is acknowledging God as God and you as important but under Him. Being humiliated is when someone else exerts their power and decides to keep you low for their selfish reasons or power trip, so they are playing god. That is no good. God punishes people like that. But God lifts up the humble and has a soft spot for them. ❤