Judging Revisited

I cannot judge another soul for I am as guilty at everything as they are. Sad but true. Just because I confess all to God and have repented and forgiven as instructed frees me of the guilt and purifies me. But I am just as corrupt as the next guy or gal apart from Jesus’ salvation. So I cannot judge anyone. That is God’s job. If I am wronges, I cannot judge them but can object and bring it to their attention so they know they have wronged me. Then the ball is in their court and they have a chance to change. If they refuse, I have a choice to keep putting up with it and keep forgiving g indefinitely and pray for them (which I currently am) or disassociate myself from them. Am I any better than them? No, I am just as capable of sinning and have to repent daily and keep praying for forgiveness. But because I humble do this, I am better off, for I have peace. I may never be happy with the situation of continuous wrong done to me daily but I have joy under it, legs of hope to stand on, and this beautiful opportunity to grow my humbleness. And I am all the better off for it. ❤

Standing Up for Children & the Elderly

Children and the elderly need us to defend them, support them. Hopefully the elderly have family to care for them but I have seen plenty who don’t. Hopefully children have loving parents to look out for them but often they don’t either. And sometimes the caregivers are there but are so narcissistic and lost in their own cares and addictions and agenda that children or elderly are not heard or cared for properly. We have a huge problem with end times “lovers of self and lovers of pleasure”. And in order to care for someone else properly, we need to love them which requires a certain amount of self-sacrifice. So, it is of great value to remember that the God who made us is also the God who knows what good or evil we do, who we serve, who we value and will reward or punish us based on those findings, for all eternity. And we have a finite opportunity to produce for ourselves infinite consequences, for better or worse. And children and the elderly who need us is our primary focus and objective. They cannot get through life successfully without our help. We must put them first.❤

Deceptive Currents

This is from Our Daily Bread. 

“In his book, The Hidden Brain, science writer Shankar Vedantam describes the day he went for a leisurely swim. The water was calm and clear, and he felt strong and proud for covering a long distance so easily. He decided to swim out of the bay and into open water. But when he tried to return, he couldn’t make any progress. He had been deceived by the current. The ease of swimming g had not been due to his strength but to the movement of the water. 

In our relationship with God something similar can happen. ‘Going with the flow’ can lead us to believe we’re stronger than we are. When life is easy, our minds tell us that it’s due to our own strength. We become proud and self-confident. But when trouble hits, we realize how little strength we have and how helpless we are.

This happened with the Israelites. God would bless them with military sucess, peace, and prosperity. But thinking they had a hieved it on their own, they would then become proud and self-sufficient (Deuteronomy 8:11-12). Assuming that they no longer needed God, they would go their own way until an enemy attacked and they would realize how powerless they were without God’s help.

When life is going well we too need to beware of self-deception. Pride will take us where we do not want to go. Only humility will keep us where we ought to be- grateful to God and dependent on His strength.~Julie Ackerman Link

Lord, we don’t dare trust in our own strength to do our tasks today. You are the Giver of our talents and opportunities. Help us use them not for our own advancement but to help others. 

True humility credits God for every success.”

One Thing Stronger than a Broken Heart

God made me such that my mind is strong. My will is even stronger. That is how I am cut, just the way it is, not because of me but what He wanted me to have. But when my heart is broken, which honestly is not a common occurrence, my broken heart, because I feel things so deeply, feels like the strongest part of me. In fact, it tends to trump any current logic or thought processes or strength of will. A broken heart rules like a greedy narcissistic tyrannical dictator with no remorse for pain afflicting on the rest of me. I believe this is true of a lot of us. And we kind of just give up and live this way because nothing we have in our toolbox is stronger. However, I have found (probably because so many people were praying for me) that one thing is stronger than a broken heart. Just one thing can eject this horrible ruling body from its throne. Humbleness. Yep, it is amazing how much natural power and payload it has in its arsonal. It is incredibly powerful, the strongest tool and weapon at our disposal. You see, with that one thing, we can bow in prayer and call on the unlimited and all powerful forces of heaven, I stantly gaining the attention of our allmighty and all-powerful Creator God and He readies His troops for battle and fights for you. You see it’s value. Without being humble, prayers or rants or fury or anger or anything else cannot break the back of the broken heart, that powerful wound. With humbleness and contrition, we call on the greatest force we know or can imagine and He can defeat our enemy within us. 

Purity, Holiness

If you look for holiness and purity in the Bible, you will find many, many references. There are many, and there is a good reason for that. When God repeats Himself, it is to emphasize that point. When He says things many times, He is screaming the importance of it. Many things are repeated often in Scripture, but to me holiness and purity are becoming beacons of radiant light in an ever increasingly dark world. Why? Darkness has it’s deepest roots in pride and lies. Evil has to have the roots of pride and lies/deceit in order to grow in strength. Holiness and purity are uncorrupted by these things because their basis is humbleness and truth. You cannot be holy and pure as a human being without thinking more of your Creator and His service than you think of your own desires. And you cannot be holy and pure as human beings without God’s truth solidly and securely clung to. If Satan is the father of lies, God is the truth, and that is the way it is. When truth becomes a low priority, evil has a door to enter through. By settling for some innocent lies, you no longer have the resistance to evil and corruption can enter. “Resist the devil, and he will flea from you.” That is our command with a promise. “Draw near to God and He will draw near to you” is another. How can you be holy amongst so much corruption, even within the church? The answer is to embrace truth in God’s Word and in prayer and humble yourself, a short cut way of saying to know that God is Gos and His purposes are much more important and longer lasting than our own. To be humble is to know that God designed you purposefully and incredibly with gifts so amazing that our life radiates with thankfulness to Him. “Be holy as I am holy” seems at first to be the most difficult command in the Bible, but I assure you that if you embrace and carry truth with you by reading the Bible and having a running prayer dialogue with the Almighty Father and be thankfully humble before the Lord, you will come as close as we can. Purity is achievable with these ingredients and a fair dosage of the fruits of the Spirit.