I Ponder Life

I ponder life, with its brevity and pain.

I ponder life, with its glory and triumph.

I ponder life, and how precious every soul is

How connected we are in our dependence and makeup

Our chemistry and design, our breath in and out.

I ponder life and our connectedness, up close

And I see no difference between us, none.

My life and your life, no matter the shell or mask,

Share the same oxygen, need the same nutrients

I ponder life in its base form, I see it.

Do you? If you do, we share that vision.

We share even the knowledge that we matter.

Every life has value, preciousness to God.

We share a Creator. I ponder life.

And you are beautiful to me, I am beautiful too.

And no matter your views,you are precious.

Don’t let evil hate divide us as it is trying so hard to do

Those serving selfish greed or evil hatred or ego.

Let us know better about life and its tenderness.

Let me love you and you love me. Join my hand.

Declare that we pondered life and decided to keep it

For it is designed to be kept and appreciated.

And united we are standing tall and strong

And divided we choose not to be or we would fall.

I ponder life and decide it is precious, yours and mine.❤

It isn’t

I wrote this a long time ago when I was young and dumb but I saw something that may resonate:

I want to love so much.
I want to be loved so much.
I want to give what I can’t get… Ironic.
I have so much love to give.
God made me that way.
I have a tremendous heart for people.
That is such a gorgeous thing.
Too bad so few know me.
Too bad so few love me.
Who can really know anyone?
I think mysteries lie within every beating soul.
I believe people yearn to be known completely.
I believe people cry out for it yet fear it.
Behind each eye hides pain and fear and pride and hope.
Each heart can feel. Each eye can cry.
Each mind can laugh. Each skin can lie.
Within and without it all, one thing remains true.
God yearns for you.
He knows you. So help me, He knows me.
More than I or anyone could.
Pretend happens when we think anyone else does. Myth happens.
We want it to be true of another human being.
We want it to be true of us.
It isn’t.
I chased away a deception. I made it run away.
It was such a lovely deception.
I wish it were true. I wish it were true.
It isn’t.
It isn’t.
It isn’t.
It isn’t.
It isn’t.

Chilling Out & Human Studies

What finds me baffled is how opposite everything is from what is once expected in the spiritual realm than in the physical one. In the physical realm, you push an object to get it to move. In the spiritual realm, you let go of the object and it moves. Let me explain. I have had a troubling ongoing trial with someone in my family. I wanted one thing to happen, they wanted another. I worked and worked in the physical realm to get my way, to have it go the way I wanted, because of course I was right (and so was the other person, by the way). So, the more I prayed for my will to be done, the less done it was being. So, the Lord got sick of laughing at my feeble attempts, I think (in my twisted imagination, no offense meant) and gave me a tidbit of wisdom. This was to let go. Quit. Leave it alone. So, after several more attempts to not listen because certainly I was still right (tee hee), I finally gave up. I chilled out. In chilling out, several amazing things happened. First of all, I suddenly had much more energy and time to accomplish some very useful things. Secondly, the other person started relaxing. Thirdly, my relationship with God improved because I was going along with His plan and forcing my own. Fourthly, I broke through that pesky weight plateau because my stress levels decreased immensely. So chilling out rescued my relationship and God is good and life is what it should be. I love irony. I am so thankful to be given yet another chance to learn something truly important and useful. 🙂

Side Effects of Fragility

Humans are all very fragile. The moment you deny that fact, you take away access to some degree of your humanity. You can play tough and think you are incredibly strong, but your pet dies, a friend or you are ill, a spouse cheats, whatever, and you realize the full impact of our fragility. We teeter on the edge of strength at best. It is part of our human experience. Fragility does not only happen when we are at our weakest. It happens at our strongest. Strong people still have human emotions and bad things can happen. The beauty of fragility is that it is a common denominator for all the human race. It connects us, or should. It helps us all to feel we are not alone in the world or with struggles, or it should. It produces a healthy dependence on God and faith in Him to help us, or it should. Our fragility should be able to keep us humble and in the right frame of mind to worship the Lord for His distinctive lack of fragility. He inspires us to appreciate His strength and wisdom as we travel from one obstacle to another. But knowing that in Christ we take on His strength and characteristics empowers us beyond our humanity and in to our spirit. We are then ushered with the Holy Spirit into the world of superhuman where God says that we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. We are able to celebrate disrobing our fragility and putting on His strength and we are able to do that which humanity would deny the ability to do. Faith then can actually, literally move a mountain.