The Love Problem of Holiness

People love the love message of God. Rightly so, God is love in its truest and most powerful and yet gentlest form. And this love recognizes our need for God and thus resonates in our hearts and souls. God is truly love and all goodness. This is beautiful and glorious.

There is another aspect of God people get nervous and rejecting about. God is holy. Be a use of this holiness and perfect purity within Himself, He antithesis is sin. He detests it in any form. Sin is detestable to God. This is why Jesus’ redemption is the key to being close to God. Jesus saved us from separation from God. But those who do not receive and accept Jesus’ redemption work for themselves can not hope for eternity close to God. Not at all. God’s holy nature dictates that and so must cast away forever anyone attempting to s eak into heaven without Jesus covering/eliminating their sin. This judgment is unpopular. How can a loving God send anyone to hell? Because He is holy. But He made a way available for anyone who wants it… Jesus. ❤

The Light of God

The light of God can only be seen by those who carry it. God’s light would blind anyone who looks directly at it so He has it shine through those who chose to carry it for Him. So what is it? The light of God for us at this point in time is His glory and holiness. It entails His characteristics, like goodness and love and hope and truth and self-control and patience. But underlying all that is God’s brilliant essence of holiness and glory. He is majestic. He is awesome/huge/frightening. He is perfect. He is large and in charge but without the imperfections and greed that generally accompanies power. God is brilliant and sinless, blameless, pure. His light through us is dumbed down a bit for human beings but should still hold the greatest of what we can of His glory and His holiness. We are not really called to be good. We are called to be saved by Him and show His good. We Andre not called to perfection but to humility to show His perfection. What does this mean? Kinda deep for a Saturday night. It is a call to represent. Put down your ego and present God to the world. Would God be sitting there staring at porn? Uh no. So when you are you are not being the light. Would God be judging the porn guy or gal? While He could, he has saved that right for later and tells us not to and so expects us to totally not judge. So if you are judging someone, you are not being light. Would God walk by a person in need? Uh no. So if we do that, we are not being the light. So let’s flip it. Would God be truthful and honest all the time? Yes. So when we tell the truth we are the light. Would God help those in our path who need help? Yes. So when we help others, we are the light. Would God have a morally strong character? Yes. So when we have a morally strong character, we are being the light. So we who are saved by God’s grace through Jesus Christ the Messiah, are definitely called to show off God’s healing and perfect light to the world. If we boast at all, it should be when we have represented God well and God’s perfection, glory and holiness. We ate responsible for our representation of Him to the world. One can consider the human equivalent of “You represent this family so you’d better be good.” We represent a holy and glorious and perfect God. Yes, He is loving, very much so, but the light is His glorious holiness first and foremost and we must always, even in secret, represent Him to the world. We lay down our ego and nd pick up His glory every morning. Prayer and Bible reading help this. So does practice. Bad day? No worries, ask forgiveness and strength and try again tomorrow. Be His light. Praise God He helps and is so good!!!

The Holiest of Corners

When bad things happen, I am no longer surprised. I see them as learning or purification tools. They are valuable tools to grow and improve with. But I have a new habit of late. I consider it my holiness corner. When hit again with a new pain or a rerun of an old one, I no sit in my little corner of my bedroom in my comfy chair and pray, asking God what I need to learn. He has brought my maturity to a point where I know that every problem, every hardship, trial, pain, and even fabulous experience is an opportunity from Him to be more holy and grow and always appreciate Him more. A time ago I did not have such maturity and was really really raw. But God used that rawness to show me His healing salve is sufficient. He was saving me from separation from Himself. He gets our attention and brings us back to Himself because of His love for us. He knows pain is temporary and humbles us to listen and learn and then He heals and restores to greater than before and prayer is the vehicle for that exchange. It is beautiful. It is proactive work for our long term eternal benefit and I am truly honored to be humbled. Feeding my dad a cupcake today on his 80th Birthday, as dementia and stories have robbed him of himself, I was humbled and honored. My Heavenly Father is taking over as my earthly father also, filling both rolls. It is beautiful. 

Return to Truth

People are bombarded with lies so much all around us, from marketing to entertainment to ungodly church staff to cults to governmental officials to neighbors to pretty much anyone trying to sell you something. It is dark, it is ugly. What is our response? Naivety? Absolutely not. We are knowledgeable as wolves, right? What’s the rest of that? Oh yes, we are to be as innocent as doves. We are to speak truth or not speak at all. We are to say “Yes” for yes and “No” for no without any other words or oaths added. We are to be pure and without reproach, innocent and honorable. We are to be loving and joyful, peaceful and patient, kind and good, faithful, gentle and self-controlled. We are to be light and salt to this dark and tasteless world. The answers are always in the Book. How do we accomplish? We as Christ followers individually and then together with our churches must, imperatively and exactingly must stop sinning, repent of our sins humbly, start filling our lives with God’s Word and start one long prayer dialogue with God that only pauses for sleep. We must worship as a lifestyle and praise as a favorite hobby and give God and others more attention than we give ourselves. We must become less and God must become more and be lifted up. Our purity and holiness is in direct proportion to how important God’s holiness is in our lives. If we try to be as like Christ and not better than another sinner, we start living a higher standard of good. If we are reading our Bibles every chance we get, we give God a great way of speaking to us and filling us with His goodness so we will start reflecting Him in our lives. Not that we ever become good ourselves but that God’s goodness is reflected as much as possible. Truth must pour from our lips and lies must not. These are the practical things we all must do. It becomes more vital as we see the day approaching and know that greater trials will com. That way, we can rest in the knowledge and peace that we will have an end to sadness and trouble and persecution on the other side and our hope can be shared with others. It is imperative. You can do it! With God’s help, we can do anything.


Purity has been a major theme for me lately. Because these last days, weeks, months, years, whatever are so important, I can not help but think that we need to hold each of our thoughts accountable for their actions already done and check them before they become actions. If the Lord comes right now, would our lives reflect His holiness? Would the church measure up to Godly motives and ambitions? Would I measure up to His standards of purity? Would my family? I have been thinking a lot about these things lately. It is a fascinating thing to delve into your mind and really work to capture each of your thoughts and judge your own level of purity and discover what your motives are. It may take a bit of work and honesty, but I think these are actually good things. It is time to clean house.