On Prideful Arrogance vs. Humble Truth

The original sin of the original sinner, Satan, was pride. So every sin since has been rooted in pride. It is the most natural root of all sin because we are built in with this sense of goodness in self and a desire to care for and protect ourself. It is easily blown out of proportion and switched to a desire to get more than our fair share perhaps and that can manifest itself lots of ways. Recently I saw a new set of ugly in an attitude of pride which manifested itself within the church as a supposed self righteous indignation. I saw accusations hurled in an attempt to get back at for some perceived wrong, to look right to the world to cover their own sins, a flaw which was taken to the church authorities in an attempt to divide a church just to get back at someone for something they actually did. And at first seeing this I was angry because it throws spit up at my Lord by saying He authorized dividing His church, which He never would and by judging another as guilty and self as perfect when My Lord said we are all having sin and do not judge. Those which use His name and attach it to their own will and pride to justify their own sinful desires and faults are to me the ugliest sort of criminals. But upon further thinking, I began to realize that people who do this are pathetic, lost souls that need the One they are claiming to know better than the truth of the Bible. You cannot distort the truth of the Bible and create your own truth with some verses thrown in for out of context support and expect to live a fulfilled life. Truth of the Bible needs to be read and heard in its entirety. The better you know the Book, the better you know the Hero of it. Picking and choosing what you like to suit your own selfish prideful desires and whims and thoughts follows a dangerous line of reasoning which is based on lies. And that is very sad because you miss the point then entirely. The point, ladies and gentlemen, is that truth is truth. It is not based on your interpretation of the truth or your idea of what the truth might mean in this situation. It stands for itself. Truth need never be defended. Truth does not require your biased interpretation. Not one bit. And truth always wins. It is a quiet defender of itself and is never shaken, never wrong, never weak, never meandering, never wavering. Truth stands alone. And it stands for whoever seeks it devotedly with a humble heart. So those weak ones attacked by lies or biases or prideful ones actually are a million times stronger with a much better fate than their attacker because the humble are lifted high. What lifts them? Truth. When truth is on your side, you do not need anything else. Truth protects and uplifts and where you humbly allow it to work, truth will be your greatest hero and ally. How is that possible? Because God is truth. There is no truth apart from God. So when truth is on your side, so is the greatest Superpower in the history of anything at all. And I would much rather fall on my face in humility and allow God and His truth to work than to stand pridefully up against Him to feel better about yourself for a minute or justify incorrectly your own perfection, as if. The choice is between bowing low to God of your own volition or being forced to later, I choose to bow.

When The Plot Thickens and You’re the Hero’s Assistant

So, life is working itself out with you. You feel like you might be enjoying the ride a bit. Then all of a sudden, there is an unexpected plot twist, some turn that leaves you amazed and intrigued and then petrified, when you realize that you are not the Hero of the story. It dawns on you that you are the Hero’s assistant! There is no guarantee that all will turn out okay by the end of the story. There is no happy ending necessarily for you. It could really go both ways. Suddenly the stakes are higher and you are much more concerned with the story and its plot. You care more now that you understand the story has very sincere possible endings for you in it. So what do you do? You be sure to keep very close to the Hero of the story, of course. Why? Because we know the Hero will win. He already has won. The closer you are to the Hero, the better your chances of survival. It is just that simple. And then an interesting counter twist is presented and the Hero tells you He has the power to ensure your success at the end of the story because the end of the story is just the beginning. And you smile and accept the Hero’s offer and play out the rest of the story with confidence and thankfulness and peace and joy, knowing full well you will win with the Hero in the end. The book is sealed. The story is true. The story is mine. It could be yours. It is the Bible and Jesus Christ is the Hero.

Superheroes and Superpowers

My kids love super heroes. So do I. And I truly believe we are born with God given superpowers. Some people’s super powers are obvious from birth. Others take, for some reason or other, lots of struggles and defeats and ultimately triumph(s) to realize and uncover. Some people call them “gifts” but how boring is that? They are “super” powers because they are from God, the ultimate Super Hero, and because they are not “normal” human abilities. My daughter’s superpowers are hugs and kisses, and recently she has added obedience (of which I am most thankful) and power, which is tough to visualize at 4 unless she has a fit. My son’s superpowers are more subtle, but he appears to have the superpowers of intuition and memory and a keen ability to ignore the messiness of his room (incredible, really). I discovered I have the superpower of strength, faith, endurance and music. Only having gone through immense distress and misery and many years of hardship did I realize my superpowers. Some were encouraged from birth (I am from a musical family) and some came later, even quite recently. What all this means is that each of us has a different superpower(s) to use to be heroes using them. God doesn’t want us to waste our powers but use them for Him and to help people. Heroes don’t like getting up at 2am to save the day, but sometimes they have to and do so because the call comes in. Heroes are aware of their surroundings and are eager to use their powers to help when they see a need. Like it or not, you are a superhero with great responsibilities to use your powers for good. And if you are knee deep in ugly life and haven’t realized your superpower(s) yet, do not worry. It will show up when you persevere and obey God and stay in communication with Him (prayer and Bible study). I am sure you have fabulous superpower(s). But beware, the bad guy already knows what yours is and is trying very hard to thwart you. But rest easy, super friend, we have a bigger Hero in charge who has already defeated that foe. Yes, we are on the good guys super hero team so we win! Yay! Go be the super hero God made you to be.

The Truth About Mean People

We all have a choice. Every person God made has been granted the enormous responsibility of free will. This means they decide for themselves whether they will be mean or nice or flip flop back and forth between the two. A mean person can not be changed into a nice person unless they choose to be. You can not push a rope. You can coerce or force good behavior but that only gives the mean person more of an excuse to be mean in their own mind’s self-justification. And these poor people are so rooted in ignorance and denial, lie upon lie, that they can not even comprehend goodness when done to them. So, as a person trying to be good, the absolutely only thing I can do is decide for myself to be good, do good to the mean person and pray for them to change. God can do more than we can. Many people need a swift kick from Him to change. A swift kick from us will make us feel better at the time but in the long run only furthers their cause and fuels their meanness. So, pray for your enemies really is the ticket and work on self. (That being said, in any real physical or mental danger, self protect and remove yourself from the situation, then pray for them.) This is all we can really do that is effective in the long run. Mean people will be mean if they choose to be. Selfish people will be selfish if they choose to be. Choose to be good and pray and you are automatically a light in the world, a hero making a grand difference. Be that hero.

The Declaration of Independence Revised

When, in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to unite their political strands that have been shredded one against the other, and to resume among the powers of this earth, the separate and improved station to which the laws of nature and of nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of intelligent mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel us to restoration.

We hold these truth, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable right, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. …

The rest must read exactly as it did when they wrote it. This amazing Declaration of Independence dictates we do whatever is in our power to ensure the safety, security, freedom and happiness of her people. When any government threatens it, ANY government, even its own, the people have a right and responsibility to change it. That is what I read. I am not very political naturally because politics now is so deranged and indoctrinated in shades of gray and relativism, but I am extremely patriotic and it is impossible to be extremely patriotic and be okay with how things are being run right now. And as Americans, enough of us can promote change, only the beneficial kind this time, and we can elicit the strongest and most wise and powerful world leader that has ever existed to come to our aid… God. We can pray. When God’s people pray and repent of their sins and turn away from evil, such as impurity and hatred and in forgiveness and murder and envy and laziness, among others, then our promise from God is that He will forgive us immediately and then heal our land. He is not waiting on the evil ones to change, but He expects those who claim His name to do so now. Help save America… pray and change you for Him and in so doing, you become one of many amazing American patriotic heroes. We need heroes like this. Be one.