Painting Mom’s House

Mom’s kitchen was an ugly dark apricot color and now it is a light, creamy color. I am going to carry that color into her laundry room. This will help a lot. Part of the reason is for her enjoyment, as she always hated that dark apricot color and part is for resale. She is n planning to move into an apartment soon that can handle a wheelchair. So, it serves mom in two ways.

Things like this don’t take tons of time or money but make a huge difference in someone’s world. When you reach into someone’s world, it is meaningful to them and accomplishes showing love and serving God. When we do anything for anyone, we do that for the Lord. Always worth it!!😄❤

Helping Jesus

I understand that God can do anything and does not need our help. But He allows us to help in being His hands and serving and hugging people and it blesses everyone when we do that.

I used to crave Jesus’ arms around me, wanted to feel His hug because I have an enormous lack of hugs, historically. And God sent me my daughter, the hugging queen. She could just hug people all day and feel like the world is a perfect place and all is well. So instead of coming down from heaven and breaking His prophecy early and hugging me, he gave me a daughter to hug me any and every time I ever want. So she was being His hands.

And today, I am going to my mom’s to clean her bathrooms. Yes, not high on my wish list of enjoyable moments, but she cannot do it anymore and I can “help” Jesus do this for her. And that is very satisfying. Gross, but worth every bit to help everyone.

And this is how we can practically bless and help everyone. God honors such obedience.❤

Special Kind of Talent

I was able to be a supportive wife with my kids today at my husband’s gig at Old Town. Yet somehow my special kind of talent again allowed me to help set up and tear down as well as do the sound check as the lead female vocalist and pianist were late. So I worked during the gig and supported my husband and the band he was helping out. I always manage to be helping or filling in or something. I arrive and end up being a teacher or roadie or sound checker or boss or janitir, whatever the need is. That seems to be my talent. I guess that is either competent or a humble servant’s heart or just naive. In any case, God knows full well I work for Him and no one else. Those I help I see as helping Him. Someone asks me to help, I assume God just asked me to help. That is how I was brought up and how I am. And I guess my stubbornness and faith kick in and I do it whether or not I ever have, and God always blesses my efforts for Him. For instance, the band appreciated what I did and asked me to sing lead for them in another gig. So… cool. And God always blesses my support of my husband (even if he was really mean that day). It is funny. When I drop my pride and be supportive and do what I know I should do, God blesses and the I am treated better. Most of the time. But even if not, I am not working for a person, I work for God, you see. So this night was very fun and they were great and I am rewarded and happy and exhausted. Going to bed now. Sweet dreams, friend. ❤ 

Really Helping People

Helping people should never be about us. It is about the person we are helping. And much is missed if we go through an entire day only helping ourselves. Much. Helping people because it honors God who made them is vital to happiness and satisfaction in life. Selfishness only ever gets you the temporary, myopic thing you want. It is 2 or at best 3 directional. Selfishness cannot take you to to the fulfilling 4 dimensional spiritually dynamic joy that humbly helping other people can. That is special, different. That serves Jesus directly and nothing is more beautiful. Praise God! ❤  

Cleaning Mom’s House

We have a system, my mom and I, where she teaches piano lessons (something she has done for 40 years or more) and I clean her house in exchange. This gives me an excuse to clean for her (for she cannot do it herself anymore) while maintaining her strong independence and dignity. I could teach the kids myself but this works and gives the kids more time with their Grandma. Sometimes we have to be more creative with our helping but it is worth a little extra effort and creativity to allow her to feel useful and important and independent. This is so important when taking care of another human being, especially a parent you wish to show respect and honor to. ❤

Chance Encounters that Matter

I have traveled extensively, more than most, probably, as well as moved a whole lot and flown quite a bit. None of it was for work, it was always with or for friends and family, sometimes missions projects. Throughout all of it, I have met let people who may smile po!itely if you smile first but mostly just try to ignore or tolerate other people’s existence to get where they are going. Not generally a great time to mingle. Lol But there have been these moments on rare occasions when I was pressed by something weighing on my shoulders and happened to have some kind soul go out of their way to help and give a word of encouragement or even share food when my wallet was stolen. Then you never meet again but these momentary or chance encounters matter. Whether God sent them to help or not, they did indeed help and expected nothing in return. How refreshing it was at the time! How beautiful for so some to put themselves out of the way and help, take the time, put forth the effort to voice a concern or encouragement. I have tried to repay these kindnesses over the years and keep going to give hope and help when needed. Often it does not take long but is a great opportunity with to serve our fellow man with elegance and grace befitting a child of God. Never underestimate the power of a loving act or word. You might make all the difference in someone’s life or the world. You never know who you are helping. And whenever you help another of God’s handmade creation, you are always helping and worshipping God Himself.

Leaving the Party Before the Cake is Cut

A party’s climax is the cake. People can say it is the presents or the fellowship or the food or drinking. But it is the cake. Once the cake is cut, the guests are served and there it is, sugar heaven and everything that should be done is. There may be dancing after but that is really extra. All expectations have been met. The cake is the thing. To leave before the cake is cut is rude. However,sometimes you should, say if an emergency arises or you have a prior commitment that is more important. Is this a lecture about manners? No, I am about to make a point. Sometimes it is more rude to stay for the cake if you should be somewhere else. Like a family member is ill. You don’t go out and stay for cake when you should be nursing a loved one back to health. Or say someone in the family died. Out of respect, you don’t traipse off looking to have cake when loved ones are mourning. Cake metaphorically could be anything very special and delightful that you treat yourself with. When others are hurting, you be with them. You help them and comfort them rather than treating yourself to selfish indulgences. If people need you, you don’t go soothe yourself, you help. If you do, I suggest that you are still eating the cake of feeling good about doing the right thing. In a world of highs readily available to you, I am suggesting that you get a natural high, more subtle but no less real, from helping people than just from temporarily gratifying yourself. It would be a beautiful world if people looked around (rather than down at their tech) and helped where there was a need. The world wouldn’t need temporary fixes, it would have a permanent feeling of well being and goodness. And one person can decide to do just that. Help someone. Look around,step away from the entertainment and seek to notice any of the many hurting souls that need a lift- a smile, a listening ear, some time, a little energy. Even if they aren’t immediately grateful, it still is a great helping of cake for your soul and bam, you have created your own magnificent party complete with the more meaningful lasting cake.