When People Lie

I accept everyone as they are. Of course if you mess up, there are consequences and it should be that way in society for things to make sense. But I am in redibly imperfect so never judge anyone. I love people having lives of their own, following their dreams, living life fully, being themselves. I know varity is the spice of life. And I am open and honest, maybe too much so. And here is the thing. I am okay with anything, don’t judge and love unconditionally (that’s really all I’ve got, people, my gifts) AND I appreciate the courtesy of the truth back. I deal in truth because truth is my preference. I would rather have truth than have the incomplete story or half truths. It is like a slap in the face and a complete ignorance of who I am. If anyone truly knew me and understand me, they know I do not scold, I accept. I do not argue, I listen. I do not punish or turn away, I love and accept. But I want the full story. How on earth can I be what is needed if I only am told half of the picture? It also makes me realize that my intelligence is not fully understood either because the thing about truth tellers and open people is that they know the truth language so well that half truths/lies stick out like a beacon. I already know. I knew from the start. Truth dealers deal in truth, so lies are sensed, even if the precise details are not as obvious. Please do the honor of trusting the loving friendship and my intelligence enough to speak truth frankly with me. I promise to listen and continue to love. And this is the plea of my heart tonight and every night that has ever happened and every night that will. Let me love you. Friend, let someone love you. I am not squeamish, I don’t run at the sight of fear, lies, sin, pride, struggles, ideas and rather like also sharing triumphs, plans, ideas, beliefs, good times, etc. But I would love the huonor of the truth so I can help in the right way and show love truly. That is all.