Grapes or Whine?

We are given grapes of trials to ripen our souls. We can eat them happily or at least peacefully, savoring each bite, knowing the health from it will be sweet in time. Or, we can make whine. Whine may seem luxurious and comforting at the onset, but it leaves a bad aftertaste and too much will cause annoyance to others and give you a not so glorious headache. So, I recommend just grabbing and chewing up the grapes of trials as they come to you and treat them as medicine and leave the whine where it lies. You will be through the trial faster and be better for it, stronger, richer. The choice is always yours whether the grapes or the whine. Many, many, many choose the whine. We do not need more whinos in this world. I am reminded of Paul and Silas who were falsely imprisoned. They sang songs and hymns in that jail, choosing the healthy grapes to munch on. And how did they fare? They were a testimony of God’s greatness and did not make whine and annoy everyone. So many people were saved because of their choice. Life is not about us and choosing to whine makes it so. Life and trials often serve a much higher purpose for a reason and as we take our grapes and eat them up, later God will reveal what He was doing there. Sometimes it is to help you or someone else and sometimes it is to set the stage to help you or someone else. Other times, it is just to help foster the kingdom of the way of love and grow it so more of us can go to heaven some day. Only God knows the definitive reason and He is not required to tell us or ask permission. He does tell us it is for good and that He would never give us grapes too hard for us to chew up and swallow. And He has promised to love us and stay with us and come every time we call Him for help. That’s pretty amazing.