Prioritizing Life

I have a lot of responsibility. This is nothing new to me but there are some tricks I have learned in handling them all. I prioritize. It is manageable when you take the time to figure out which tasks get first attention and which can fall through the cracks. At one point, you will have to make that decision and if you have thought it through and decided ahead of time, it is less stressful when it happens.

For instance, first priority to me is what has eternal value or consequences. Therefore, church and devotions and prayer get top billing. If my kids want to talk about the Lord, I drop everything else and have that discussion. Church times are precious and I take my responsibility as curch pianist and ladies’ Sunday School teacher very seriously and prepare and am there on time. I don’t sleep in and miss church ever. Some days I would like to but serving God is more important than my comfort.

Then my kids and husband’s health and well being is next priority because my primary role after being a follower of Jesus Christ is being a wife and mother. I cook for my kids and keep the house clean enough to be healthy, I teach, I assist, I encourage and value them. If they are ill, I nurse them to health and pray with them. I incorporate my first priority into my second, showing them God’s love consistently and teaching when I can.

Then comes everything else. And everything else happens keeping in mind the first two priorities.

The head of everything should be God. This is His rightful place because He made everything and is in charge of our eternity also. And He is amazing and loving and truly good, so that makes it wonderful and everything else easier.

No one is perfect, and I don’t always succeed, but success happens much more often when you have goals correct.❤

New Year’s Resolutions

I do not set them. They are a set up for failure for me. All is not lost, however, and instead, however, I have a recurring daily goal of staying as close to God as I can. That is huge, but I only ever have to manage it that day and always have access to God’s help to do it with humble prayer. So, I am ok with not have a yearly goal, unable to be kept because we do not know what n happens tomorrow. I will keep my daily goal of staying close to God and all that entails with His help. And He will strengthen me as always and love me through. “Each day has enough trouble of its own.”❤

Fence Phase 2 Complete

What I love most about our fence is that we worked as a team family to build it custom ourselves. And now we only have one fence section on the other side to address and we can get our puppy!!! Praise God! ❤

Family Work Days

We worked more on the fence today as a family. It was a lot if work and replete with agitation and yelling, as usual. However, despite the noise we are all accustomed to, we completed the remaining fence skeleton, the last two 4x4x10 posts and remaining 2x4x8 stringers, cut to size. And this will complete our front and side fence portions, once the boards are cut and screwed on. And all we will have is a short back section and we can get a dog, fenced in yard ready for one. And this is our goal. So we work as a family for this family goal. And this is very good. God is good to us and sometimes it is good to work just for us as a family. This is a beautiful thing. And one more day will finish this phase 2 and the short phase 3 will not take long, as posts are already there. So yay!!! Hope God blesses you also to accomplish something beautiful with your family.❤

Flowing Goals

When you have 2 kids 5 years apart and one husband (that all want individual attention) and a house, you end up with a lot to do. Energy is expended to meet certain goals you set. Getting ahead is not always an option, as keeping up with things is about as good as it gets.

This is not a complaint, I truly love being SuperMom yet feel perfectly feminine and very powerful being a homeschooling housewife. This is a stark change from taking care of a slew of patients in the area and instead taking care of three VIPs in my household. Rather than a marcissistic rant about being spent, which would be idiotic, this is merely a vocalization on the importance of flexibility in your goals.

For instance, instead of a concrete goal that your children get excellent grades in every subject and obey every instruction, my goal has flowed into my kids making excellent moral decisions in line with the Bible and do their best to understand and incorporate the instructions from every subject. Some subjects will come easier or harder to them in their various personalities but they need to do their best and show their love of Jesus in it all. My goal for the house pre-children used to be that it be spotless and clean and always ready for company. Now, that goal has flowed into keeping the house as inviting as possible while being good stewards of the house God blessed us with, clean whenever possible.

Sometimes, flexibility shows a wisdom ability to incorporate key Biblical principles into the living of life for God’s glory. And everything we do is for God and not man/kids/women/us because it n is God we are really serving. I just choose to want to serve Him well and establish that principle in my family. ❤