Hidden Blessing Surprises Everywhere

I needed a ball gown for tomorrow for a fancy gig. Having lost 50 pounds, last year’s gown did not fit and I could not alter it again. So I found this little gem at the thrift store for $4.99. It was sleeveless (which would not work for a keyboard- playing dancing singer. So, as it was way too long, I hemmed it and took that fabric to make sleeves. I call it my fancy peacock dress. See why:

So what did I learn? That God blesses us with hidden gems if we look for it and put some work into it. And if you re-read that, it is a deep, amazing truth. That includes hidden gems within us and within other people. Sometimes you have to search a little, put in some time, work on it a bit and just bless it back. And all of a sudden, out pops a gold mine that was just waiting for someone to see its worth and bring it out. God is so very good, beautiful gem friend. ❤

Life is All About God

As amazing as you are, life is not just about you. You were created lovingly by God. Life is all about Him. God, the Creator, is what life is all about. What we do should agree with His design, be for Him, be according to His Bible/Words. Make it about Him and not you today. And God will bless you beautifully.❤

For the Glory of God

The earth was made for the glory of God.

People reflect the glory of God.

Artists are inspired and worshippers sing,

All at an impulse because of one thing,

The meager the highlands, the Bible, the trees,

All shout the glory of Jesus their King.

And none can compare to the intricate details

Of the tiniest blocks that make up our details,

And nothing diminishes, always enhances

The artistry deep in the scope of God’s plans.

And I can’t for one minute be silent inside

For God’s glory is present and in me resides

As I bow my head and say any prayers

I feel God’s glory is standing right there.

I give Him the glory He only deserves

And praise Him for morning, more glory He serves.