Life is All About God

As amazing as you are, life is not just about you. You were created lovingly by God. Life is all about Him. God, the Creator, is what life is all about. What we do should agree with His design, be for Him, be according to His Bible/Words. Make it about Him and not you today. And God will bless you beautifully.❤

God’s Humor in Creation

I am watching Planet Earth on Netflix and much of God’s amazing creation is also quite funny. God reveals an aspect of humor in His glory and I really love, appreciate and praise Him for it.❤❤❤

For the Glory of God

The earth was made for the glory of God.

People reflect the glory of God.

Artists are inspired and worshippers sing,

All at an impulse because of one thing,

The meager the highlands, the Bible, the trees,

All shout the glory of Jesus their King.

And none can compare to the intricate details

Of the tiniest blocks that make up our details,

And nothing diminishes, always enhances

The artistry deep in the scope of God’s plans.

And I can’t for one minute be silent inside

For God’s glory is present and in me resides

As I bow my head and say any prayers

I feel God’s glory is standing right there.

I give Him the glory He only deserves

And praise Him for morning, more glory He serves.

Few Quiet Moments

This month, I have to admit, has been one of the busiest in my memory. This month we had three birthdays, two with special days and big elaborate parties, one gig, new role as children’s choir director, teaching Sunday School, coaching homeschool PE, 5-k’s, meetings, Audiology consults, a beach day, car problems, missionaries conference, landscaping work, saying goodbye to a good friend, spending some time with other old friends, some from far away, comforting a good friend whose husband unexpectedly died, sewing together an electric cowboy costume for my husband, and oh so many other little things all happening together. My head is a whirlwind. I am not sure how the Lord got me through it all. He did though. And I am walking proof that if the Lord sees fit to provide activities, He will strengthen and love on you through them. God is so good! And I know that “my God will supply all my needs according to His riches in glory.” And I could only do all those things I did with the grace, power and love of God. And may God receive every penny of glory!!! I know full well that without Him, I am no good at all. With God, “I can do all things through Christ Who gives me strength.” Praise God we got through it!❤❤❤

The Beauty of God

Whatever God made had its own distinct beauty, from the one-celled animal to the tallest tree to the most complex ocean creature to you and me. It all loudly proclaims God’s intrinsic beauty and glory. I believe His glory is His beauty. It is present in all He does, cannot be diminished, can not be blotted out. Even in the most wounded soul, it is still there. In the darkest crevasse of distant planets or the badlands, still there. Where God is, His glorious beauty must be. It is part of who He is. In being Love, He must also be beauty and that is His glorious aura, His mark of His being here. Celebrate His beauty, His glory. He is so worth the longest and deepest conemplation. Praise God!❤❤❤

The Light of God

The light of God can only be seen by those who carry it. God’s light would blind anyone who looks directly at it so He has it shine through those who chose to carry it for Him. So what is it? The light of God for us at this point in time is His glory and holiness. It entails His characteristics, like goodness and love and hope and truth and self-control and patience. But underlying all that is God’s brilliant essence of holiness and glory. He is majestic. He is awesome/huge/frightening. He is perfect. He is large and in charge but without the imperfections and greed that generally accompanies power. God is brilliant and sinless, blameless, pure. His light through us is dumbed down a bit for human beings but should still hold the greatest of what we can of His glory and His holiness. We are not really called to be good. We are called to be saved by Him and show His good. We Andre not called to perfection but to humility to show His perfection. What does this mean? Kinda deep for a Saturday night. It is a call to represent. Put down your ego and present God to the world. Would God be sitting there staring at porn? Uh no. So when you are you are not being the light. Would God be judging the porn guy or gal? While He could, he has saved that right for later and tells us not to and so expects us to totally not judge. So if you are judging someone, you are not being light. Would God walk by a person in need? Uh no. So if we do that, we are not being the light. So let’s flip it. Would God be truthful and honest all the time? Yes. So when we tell the truth we are the light. Would God help those in our path who need help? Yes. So when we help others, we are the light. Would God have a morally strong character? Yes. So when we have a morally strong character, we are being the light. So we who are saved by God’s grace through Jesus Christ the Messiah, are definitely called to show off God’s healing and perfect light to the world. If we boast at all, it should be when we have represented God well and God’s perfection, glory and holiness. We ate responsible for our representation of Him to the world. One can consider the human equivalent of “You represent this family so you’d better be good.” We represent a holy and glorious and perfect God. Yes, He is loving, very much so, but the light is His glorious holiness first and foremost and we must always, even in secret, represent Him to the world. We lay down our ego and nd pick up His glory every morning. Prayer and Bible reading help this. So does practice. Bad day? No worries, ask forgiveness and strength and try again tomorrow. Be His light. Praise God He helps and is so good!!!