Generous Savior

I just finished reading John 4 tonight and it is a wonderful example of the generosity of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. All the sick came to Him and it says He touched them and healed every single one of them. Wow! Can you can imagine being there at that moment? It must have been amazing. It wasn’t like today’s culture with all its special effect and lively entertainment. These were simple folk in primarily fishing, herding and small town living area. The world was not yet conditioned to downplay the spectacular. They had difficult lives, busy with living and survival and fetching water and catching fish or raising animals to eat or to sell or to trade for needed items. It was a very real, very earthy bunch that lived a rather unforgiving life that were able to witness Jesus Christ come into their city and touch every sick person that came to him and heal them. He cast out evil spirits and commanded fevers to leave and everything obeyed Him. The gentleness and generosity of our Savior had to shine through in that place. Not only did he serve them where they were and with what they needed lovingly but He also healed the land, cleaned it up of its demons and illness and ignorance. He brought beauty to a very dismal and bleak existence for everyone seeking out that change, wholeness from brokenness. The very cool thing is that He still works that way today. He is still alive and still touches everyone who needs Him and still cleans up and restores wholeness. And when He does, it is still as amazing as it was 2000 years ago and shines out even brighter than it did then because the rest of the world has become distracted and lethargic and rebellious with darkness and evil. However, He still shines and can still shine in us through the power of the Holy Spirit. He is still in charge and still the same gentle, generous God He ever was and always will be. And we will see Him very soon.

Forgiveness Brings Peace

I usually only write once daily but I am making an exception for a very important topic. In my devotions, I just read an excerpt by Anna J. Lindgren. She wrote, “Is there a Christian of maturer years who does not carry about in his heart sensitive scars that keep breaking open, because a fellow Christian inflicted the wound? And forgiveness asked and granted never went deep enough to pour in the oil that heals and erases the memory of the hurt. And here we go, supersensitive to the slightest touch of real or fancied hurt, wrapped about with our dignified rights and our ” righteous indignation” and our wounded pride. And the wound never heals, and the work of God is arrested, because no one is great enough to be small enough to get down on his bare knees on the floor and with the towel of humility wipe the feet and heart of the offender. The pride of flesh cries out, ‘Not I! What would people think? I am the one sinned against! I must uphold my position!’ Who is the one sinned against? The One who rose from throne, laid aside the garment of light, took up the poor towel of humanity and wrapped it about His glorious Person, poured His own blood into the basin of the cross, and set Himself to wash away the foul stains of human depravity and guilt. ‘He…took a towel.'(John 13:4). I think this is beautiful and true. Often we forget God’s generous forgiveness for our wrongs and we hold on to the wrongs of others as if we were ungrateful for God’s gifts to us. We think being right is more important than being at peace. And a kind, gentle word turns away wrath. We must remember!