You cannot be like Christ unless you are generous. He was generous with everything, even His very life and every comfort. We come into this world with nothing and leave with nothing but every time we are generous to others, we accumulate riches in heaven where we will be for eternity whereas this life is ever so brief.❤

A Copy of a Copy of a Copy

I really don’t listen to 9 Inch Nails because I am quite guarded as to the lyrics I allow into my head and am picky about the style of music, etc. Anyway, we were flipping through channels and on Paladia they came on singing this song with the lyrics, “I am a copy of a copy of a copy…”. And nothing else about that song mattered because my mind was going off on a tangent, so off the TV went and here I am thinking it out. Are we just a copy of a copy of a copy? And I think the reality answer is both yes and no. Yes, we are genetic copies of our parents and yes, we all are copies of sorts of our forefathers through that chromosomal line of nuclear information. However, I and you are much much more than the sum of our parts. We are each unique in this way: God used the tools from your mother and father’s cells as the basis for forming us in the womb of our mother and then adds unique abilities and thought processing beginnings and specific gifts of spiritual and/or physical basis. He designs us each just exactly the way He thinks is best for us and His kingdom, where everyone harmoniously has their part to play and work to do for everything to work best. Every person is vital, every person is unique and no gift is unimportant or insignificant by any stretch of the imagination. This is why abortion is horrific, ending a life created not by a mistake or misdeed but on purpose for a purpose. And even if you had/have a “bad” parent on one side does not determine the “fate” or destiny of the child. Genes are building blocks but not the final story and certainly not stronger than the Holy Spirit’s work in the redeemed soul. Each gift is different and a person’s unique gift has absolutely nothing to do with what gift your parents received. We are each different. Even identical twins differ in their spiritual and sometimes physical gifts from God. There is no mistake or hopeless case and on the flip side there is no one person more important than anyone else. We are vastly important individually because of Who created us. We are also incredibly powerful because of His Spirit living inside us when we are saved. And not one single person is more important or more powerful than any other person because we are all made uniquely by God and He is the focus, He is the Creator God, the Great One. When He is lifted up, He is right where He should be and we are all lifted with Him because He is generous and loving. This is truth. End of story.

The Used vs. The Users

There are certainly people who give and people who take in this world. To some extent, we spend much of our existence going back and forth between the two, but overall some give more than they take, are characterized by giving, those we term “generous”. Then there are those who end up taking more than they give, sometimes a good deal more, and I call them the “takers”. These people have developed a distortion of reality and skewed mindset where they sometimes honestly believe they deserve things. When taken to its natural selfish and narcissistic end, these takers become Alison known as ” users”. People are in their lives to serve them and to be used for what you can get out of them. Many politicians and other high ups of all varieties live with this misguided and illogical thinking. The givers give and end up being the “used” by the users. This seems to be how the world works. This is also how the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. My Dad, a farmer and machine repairmen and former Marine, had a saying, “The rich don’t get rich by giving it away”. There have been some great philanthropists throughout the centuries, however, so that blanket statement is not without its flaws. Also, rich people hire poorer people to do their work and as such poor people do benefit inadvertantly. All that detail aside, we are commanded in the Bible to be givers. There is no example of Jesus Christ taking. He gave, even His own life. He commanded us to give. And why? Did He want us to be poor, to be dupes of takers and users? On the contrary, when we give, we are the free ones spiritually. This is why we see so many unhappy takers/users. They get, thinking it will satisfy and make them happy and bring them peace so work diligently for that next taking to find it, constantly chasing after the wind. When givers give unbegrudgingly, you have peace because you are obedient and humble and God always rewards that. Nothing we have is really ours anyway, not even those placing such great value in it. God owns everything! We give and can never out give God and He will give back all you need and life and joy and peace. Better a saved and blessed pauper than a miserable and cursed tycoon. Those who are poor are the rich ones in God’s kingdom. The first now shall be last then and the last now shall be first. There is no arguing that, it is truth. So don’t feel yourself a victim when used because in that situation, you will be blessed and provided for and have the distinct advantage in that situation. Maybe thank them for giving you an opportunity to have greater spiritual riches now and vaster riches in heaven. They will wish they were more like you then.

Generous Savior

I just finished reading John 4 tonight and it is a wonderful example of the generosity of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. All the sick came to Him and it says He touched them and healed every single one of them. Wow! Can you can imagine being there at that moment? It must have been amazing. It wasn’t like today’s culture with all its special effect and lively entertainment. These were simple folk in primarily fishing, herding and small town living area. The world was not yet conditioned to downplay the spectacular. They had difficult lives, busy with living and survival and fetching water and catching fish or raising animals to eat or to sell or to trade for needed items. It was a very real, very earthy bunch that lived a rather unforgiving life that were able to witness Jesus Christ come into their city and touch every sick person that came to him and heal them. He cast out evil spirits and commanded fevers to leave and everything obeyed Him. The gentleness and generosity of our Savior had to shine through in that place. Not only did he serve them where they were and with what they needed lovingly but He also healed the land, cleaned it up of its demons and illness and ignorance. He brought beauty to a very dismal and bleak existence for everyone seeking out that change, wholeness from brokenness. The very cool thing is that He still works that way today. He is still alive and still touches everyone who needs Him and still cleans up and restores wholeness. And when He does, it is still as amazing as it was 2000 years ago and shines out even brighter than it did then because the rest of the world has become distracted and lethargic and rebellious with darkness and evil. However, He still shines and can still shine in us through the power of the Holy Spirit. He is still in charge and still the same gentle, generous God He ever was and always will be. And we will see Him very soon.