Tending the Garden

Today, after getting my daughter to my mom’s house for “grandma time”, I tended the garden. I picked the last of the cherry tomatoes, trimmed the lantana bushes, pulled out weeds and grass, watered everything, etc. I know thatif I let it go and did not prune the branches, the plants would not survive, they would destroy each other and bear no fruit. After the tending, the garden looks great and is much more effective and beautiful now.

God prunes us sometimes too. We are His beautiful work and we are made better by pruning off dead branches and trimming off defective or ineffectual parts of us that we just keep stupidly feeding. It is necessary. Always be thankful for such lessons because when finished, God looks at you with love in His eye (as I did with my garden) and said, “Much better, so beautiful!”😄❤

Gardening the Soul

Gardens do not thrive unless two things happen… 1. You put effort and resources into it, and 2. God works on and blesses it.

The same is true of our soul. When you feel dry or wilted or flooded inside, not thriving spiritually, it is never (unless it is a test) that God is not doing His part. It is far more likely we are not putting in the effort or resources. For example, not reading our Bible, not participating in church, not serving, not praying. Spiritual growth is not a one way effort, it is a relationship with almighty, loving God. No relationship is healthy without effort from both sides. And when the effort is mutual, it is beautiful and thrives.

So, if you tell me you are going through a dry patch or feel overwhelmed or lack luster spiritually, I will remind you to humble yourself and do your part because God always does His.😄❤

Garden Joy

Today I planted peas, carrots and radishes. We already have blackberry bushes growing and rosemary thriving. I also transplanted two ginger plants the birds were kind enough to plant in our yard. So God has been good to us. And very little in life brings me more sheer joy than working our garden. I was raised on a farm in Buchanan, Michigan and having a garden was my normal. I live it. It has taken me a while to Learn the stark differences to growing food in central Florida. Growing seasons are different, soil needs a lot of love constantly, bugs are incredibly resilient and prolific, so on. So these first few years are experimental but I am hopeful we will do well. I am watching a lot of youtube tutorials for our area. So may God bless our efforts and let’s see what happens. 😄❤