Lamentations 5:21

Lamentations 5:21. “Restore us to yourself, Lord, that we may return; renew our days as of old”

Why an entire book on weeping for consequences of a nation’s sin? Because weeping is a necessary step toward repentence and repentence restores our relationship with God. So before a nation that has been neglectful of their God can return to Him, they must first be sorry that they screwed up. Thus Lamentations exists to emphasize that very important point. It is a call to knees. A sorrowful acknowledgment of wrong. And even though it has this mournful purpose, wrought with years of devastation and misery, it has these beautiful pockets of hope in God, of restoration, of hope for the future. They are sandwiched in the weeping so are easily overlooked, but what a great example of the beauty of God and that sorrow may last for a night but joy comes in the morning. We all must mourn and be sorry so we can make it right and restore our relationship with God. Then, what a beautiful world we would live in!❤


Future Plans, Lord Willing

So much goes on in this world that leads me to believe, as always, we are one day, one minute even, closer to God taking those saved home to be with Him in heaven. But in the meanwhile, we live for Him and are not gone yet, so there is work to be done. Some of our work is with the church and spreading the Word about God and the urgent need to draw close to Him now and throw off the sin and worldly garbage so ugly to God. Some is this retaining wall. The concrete footer has dried and Monday we will lay these landscaping blocks on the footers to keep the trees dirt from clogging the drainage ditch again. Then we will not have flooding. So, Lord willing, this is our next house project. As always, God is good and keep focused on Him. Be ready when He comes, whenever that is. No one knows the say or the hour. ❤

Set for Life… and Eternity

“Set for life” is such an interesting phrase, full of hope and assumptions and faith and constancy of a number of factors. But I can boast of this not because I am someone handed everything in life but because my God/Heavenly Father made everything and as such is the richest Being ever heard of. So of course He has my back. He adopted and loves me. Not only is this true now but into eternity! And His generosity and grace are a so great that this n is also true for the poorest of poor person who calls on the name of Jesus to be saved. It is incredible!!! ❤❤❤

The Day It Is

I live in the now. I remember the past very well with an excellent memory but do not live there. I plan for the future, God willing, and believe in being moderately prepared but I do not live there. I live in the now. Here. Right now. I live in the moment. Does that mean I don’t always pay attention to what I might be doing wrong that could cause something bad down some hypothetical road? Nope. Living now, right here, does not mean you are any more an idiot than someone always in the past or always in the future. See, it requires a great deal of faith to live right now and not worry about later. It takes a lot of forgiveness and God’s healing to not live in the past. But now, if I live right here and live life always conscientious of the way God wants me to live in love and truth, I am humbly walking with Him and can have a conversation with Him, all other distractions of past and future being limited. And right now is all we have at this moment. We can be closer to God if we use our minutes well and focus on Him and live life to the fullest in His arms and presence. Isn’t that the very best life we can live? I think so too. 🙂 

Temporary Pain

People I love, people I know are having a lot of difficult times. Some have cancer, some cancerous relationships, some a normal life with no support, some issues with their kids. Some people are doing great. All of these alternatives are temporary. Why? Because it all is. This life is lived like it will go on forever and it is. Maybe 80 years now, possibly 100 if you are real!y blessed. And that is not a guarantee. This is not a downer though. You see that mean pain is not a forever thing. One day we will have a happily ever after for those of us who have faith in Jesus Christ and are saved. We will have a happy eternity that would blow you away if you really grasped it and envisioned it. And if we focus on this highpoint we are promised, we can get through any lowpoint. We are never alone. As a good friend recently reminded me, we have a really good Heavenly Father who loves us and longs to pull us to Him and just loveon us. Hard to see that in this world right now, wrecked with the selfishness and stubborness  of generations. But if you look hard enough, lift!e reminder blessing pop up to whisper sweet nothing’s in your ear. This place is not our forever place. We have place for us that will put any gorgeous spot on the map to shame. We have heaven to look forward to.

More than Now

We largely see things in a temporary light. We see what is now. We want now. We feel now. We live for now. Now is what it is all about. However, now is not the only thing. There is a great deal more than now. As we live life, we are happiest if we do what makes us happy at present. But, and that is a very big “but”, there is peace and joy and permanent contentment if we live for now AS IT RELATES TO FOREVER. That is a missing piece of the puzzle in the thinking of friends and people around I speak with. There is an eternity that continues after this brief stint of life is over. There is a forever. There is time we no longer consider time about anymore. There is a continuity of care and presence based on decisions we make in the now. Now is a very important thing, no doubt. But it is not everything unless you have weighed the forever against that now. If not, it is a temporary phenomenon, not worth that much. If eternity is considered, now means a whole different things and focus heightens and brevity sets in and responsibility looms. It is not a bad thing at all, but it is a whole lot more. It is an opportunity to have peace and joy that begins now and continues forever. Presence with God can be now and forever. Now is a decision every day to walk with Jesus Christ, our Savior and Messiah.