Purity, Holiness

If you look for holiness and purity in the Bible, you will find many, many references. There are many, and there is a good reason for that. When God repeats Himself, it is to emphasize that point. When He says things many times, He is screaming the importance of it. Many things are repeated often in Scripture, but to me holiness and purity are becoming beacons of radiant light in an ever increasingly dark world. Why? Darkness has it’s deepest roots in pride and lies. Evil has to have the roots of pride and lies/deceit in order to grow in strength. Holiness and purity are uncorrupted by these things because their basis is humbleness and truth. You cannot be holy and pure as a human being without thinking more of your Creator and His service than you think of your own desires. And you cannot be holy and pure as human beings without God’s truth solidly and securely clung to. If Satan is the father of lies, God is the truth, and that is the way it is. When truth becomes a low priority, evil has a door to enter through. By settling for some innocent lies, you no longer have the resistance to evil and corruption can enter. “Resist the devil, and he will flea from you.” That is our command with a promise. “Draw near to God and He will draw near to you” is another. How can you be holy amongst so much corruption, even within the church? The answer is to embrace truth in God’s Word and in prayer and humble yourself, a short cut way of saying to know that God is Gos and His purposes are much more important and longer lasting than our own. To be humble is to know that God designed you purposefully and incredibly with gifts so amazing that our life radiates with thankfulness to Him. “Be holy as I am holy” seems at first to be the most difficult command in the Bible, but I assure you that if you embrace and carry truth with you by reading the Bible and having a running prayer dialogue with the Almighty Father and be thankfully humble before the Lord, you will come as close as we can. Purity is achievable with these ingredients and a fair dosage of the fruits of the Spirit.

Salt and Light

We (Christ followers) give the world flavor and the ability to see. Jesus Christ said that we (His followers) are the salt of the world and the light of the world. That means that we have what the world needs. We have taste enhancers and light to see with in the form of our lives shining with the Holy Spirit who lives in us and teaches us how to shine and flavor the world. Our caution is to not lose our ability to flavor and not hide our light. So, as long as we keep doing what we are supposed to be doing, we will continue to help people see the truth and spice up their palate to enjoy fully our lives on this planet. Think about it, it is us who have the Holy Spirit in us, so we are carrying around in us love and joy, peace and patience, kindness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. No wonder we are salt and light! These are the things people need most!! We have these tools! And we know how we got them, so we can hall other people get these valuable treasures too. We have to share. The beauty is that sharing these treasures actually gives you more than you had, both in this life and the one to come! We got the flavor, baby! We got the light! Live like you do!

Crazy Sad

There is an awesome poem entitled “Just don’t Quit”. It’s ending line, after everything is falling apart in life is ” Rest if you must but just don’t quit”. I like that. As I grow in Spiritual maturity, I find that not everyone else decides to do the same. The stronger I get, I look around to see everyone else stranger too and realize not everyone chooses to get stronger. It is good that I am not God or I would hate free will. It just so happens that free will can allow you to worship and serve and obey of your own volition and it is a much sweeter offering than if it were coerced. However, free will also allows plenty of opportunity to choose to serve yourself and your own selfish interests ahead of God’s, other people’s and the church’s. It’s a mixed bag, this freedom. It really is quite flattering that God trusts us enough to make the right decisions after He gives us marching orders, however the very truly wise can see that the more freedom they have, the more sweet walking in obedience is. The more space you have to run in leads inexpressibly to the fact that all that running soon can’t hold a candle to loving arms embracing you. Yes, literally everywhere, every little spot around you, there is sadness and reasons for it. From the private spaces of a church to the public forum of a court or the hungry and bruised family close by, wherever, there is valid reason to be sad and low. We are kicked regularly, often by those close to us. And if that were all that was known of the story, a pretty morose picture would sustain your heart. However, and this is an enormous “however”. We have a joy place in us and a peace place in us. We have a love spot built in and the fruit of the Spirit as our strength and sustenance. Are these merely words? Is it only legitimate until bag things happen, like lies you catch people in that are your brothers in the Lord or deaths in your family or toys that break? No! The fruit of the Spirit is genuinely and actively our valid and strong response to hurled attacks and insults. Joy from Christ is our strength. It really truly is. Those are not nice things to say that don’t really mean anything or are just a nice thought. The joy that God’s Spirit brings is truly what carries us out of our sadness back into the glory of heaven. Joy throws off melancholy with a great vengeance. Yes, rest in the Lord for a moment or two and get right back up again and do not quit!