Meeting a Friend

There is no substitute for meeting with a friend. I met with my friend today at the park and am so so very blessed to have done so. Friendships are a gift from God and true ones are few and far between. Something to treasure and value and life is just so rich for having them. Yes, I can thrive with Jesus but I am sure happy to be able to do so alongside someone else. 😄❤

The Beauty of Godly Friends

We started the day with friends. What a beautiful way to start the day! It was a joy to just share some time and space and stories and gain some great Godly advice. Not much is sweeter or better in this world than Godly friendships. It soothes the soul, awakens the mind, makes you feel less lonely, brings joy and peace to the soul and heals wounds. A good ear to bounce things off of is vital to great soul health and giving an ear has become invaluable to me in hearing sage counsel. What a joy. I am so very thankful!❤

Friends on my Mind

My mind has been on friends lost and friends staying, friends good and friends challenging, all friends I love. Friendship is invaluable to me because I firmly believe friends really are family that you choose and adopt. And as times are tight sometimes, good friends or even one will allow you to feel like you are not alone in the battle. We have to go through battles but we don’t have to go through them alone. It is amazing to know someone is praying for and/or with you. Someday in heaven we will be able to have a hug from the Savior directly and until then He gives us friends. Hugging is so important. So prayer, hugs and communication are the most important moments in friendships and these require time and attention. So friendship is an investment in another person. They incest n in you and you invest in them. No amount of self-service is more important than that. I love my friends and appreciate them so very much! 🙂

Morning Comes too Soon 

The alarm went off this morning to go out walking before the day got hot enough to be an excuse not to walk. Lol And it went off way too soon. Morning came way too soon. Now this morning, I had a little boost. My son wanted me to wake him to walk with me. So, knowing I had the company of someone I love who also doesn’t enjoy early mornings but also wants to be healthier, it was easier (still unpleasant but easier) to get up and go. Yes, misery loves company lol, but also there is a verse in Proverbs that says something like blessed is he who walks and someone is there to pick you up is you fall but woe to the person who falls and no one is there to pick them up. Now there are no mud pits or cliffs in my neighborhood, but it is easier to do life with someone you love, be it a spouse, a friend, family, a pet. There is someone to share and talk with, an accountability partner, a fun emphasizer, a helper or someone just to serve and consider. It is lovely. I had another friend who decided she didn’t need anyone but her kids. Well, that is a whole lot of pressure on her kids and people need to adult sometime. Lol We need people. We are responsible not created to live in a vacuum. God is very social and made us so. Morning comes too early but all unpleasant things are easier with help. Be a friend, make a friend. Love you!

Visit from a Friend

There is absolutely nothing that makes more of a positive impact than a visit from a friend. On my birthday, Ken, Lois and Grayson dropped by. With homemade strawberry shortcake! What a blessing!!! And today I was having a horrible day, part of my grieving process mixed with weirdo hormones, and had an unexpected visit from my beautiful Mrs. Jolene and her hubby with my family. And these visits cheer the heart and warm the soul and help so much to encourage through life! Do not underestimate the incredible power of a tech free visit from or to a friend. Do not keep away from people who support and encourage you and who you support and encourage. Visits are invaluable!! Do not neglect people. And if you have friends that viait, make sure you understand what an immense blessing that is and thank them and God for them. Appreciate them. It is very rare in the world for people to get outside their own agendas and just visit and love on you. And be that person for someone else. How greatly you can bless them! What a great light you can be and what greater love can you show people?