Fragility of Time

Time is my primary love language, so I understand its importance in my life. If people love me, they spend time with me. If I love them, I spend time with them. It is unnatural to people who speak a different love language. Someone who primarily gives gifts thinks giving someone something or spending money on them says I love you, whereas someone who is set up for time thinks that is very nice but let’s go out or stay in together and that may not matter to the other person. There is a disconnect. But I digress, I want to focus on time for this thought process. Time to me is of the utmost importance. Primarily because it only lasts as long as it does and then is gone forever. You can not reclaim it. You can not unlive it. You can not return and correct it. You also can not speed it up or slow it down, though it feels like that sometimes. You have to take it for what it is. We are restricted by time. Time has great value. You can not with any amount buy more of it. You have what is allotted to you unless it is taken first. And that is it. A bleak thought but a meaningful one. Because. Each moment needs to count. Some moments, you wonder why you even exist. Other moments, you are certain the world would applaud if they saw you right then. Some moments can bring the greatest laughter of your life. Other moments leave you reliving its horror. Life is a mixed bag when it comes to time. But making moments as great and memorable as possible is a goal of mine for my children. It doesn’t always work, but I try to bring about as many joyful moments for them as possible to give them a coat rack to hang their coats on, stability in an uncertain world, loving thoughts amidst hate around them. Time is very fragile and should be captured in glorious memories as long as is possible. And every moment lived purposefully and beautifully is another that is won for security, for remembering when we need a lift, for attending to. Each opportunity to shine and serve should be taken, each kiss should be felt, each hug should be notated, not because we are taking inventory but because we want our memory libraries to look back on and feel proud, loved, happy, peaceful, etc. when we need them. I have friends who have died already, taken before their time, and many more with cancers of various types, fighting the battle to live. And they are my age. They say how valuable time is and how they took it for granted that they had more. And Lord willing they make it through and have many many more years with us. But their viewpoint has certainly changed. Time is fragile and thus so are we. We need to respect that moment each of us are living in the here and now. We should plan for the future but with a flexibility that still allows us to live each moment that arises and pay attention to opportunities to be who we were made to be. Then we can look at our time and be proud of those moments. And they matter,  all of them. The silly is as important as the purposeful too, for silly helps sometimes.

Side Effects of Fragility

Humans are all very fragile. The moment you deny that fact, you take away access to some degree of your humanity. You can play tough and think you are incredibly strong, but your pet dies, a friend or you are ill, a spouse cheats, whatever, and you realize the full impact of our fragility. We teeter on the edge of strength at best. It is part of our human experience. Fragility does not only happen when we are at our weakest. It happens at our strongest. Strong people still have human emotions and bad things can happen. The beauty of fragility is that it is a common denominator for all the human race. It connects us, or should. It helps us all to feel we are not alone in the world or with struggles, or it should. It produces a healthy dependence on God and faith in Him to help us, or it should. Our fragility should be able to keep us humble and in the right frame of mind to worship the Lord for His distinctive lack of fragility. He inspires us to appreciate His strength and wisdom as we travel from one obstacle to another. But knowing that in Christ we take on His strength and characteristics empowers us beyond our humanity and in to our spirit. We are then ushered with the Holy Spirit into the world of superhuman where God says that we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. We are able to celebrate disrobing our fragility and putting on His strength and we are able to do that which humanity would deny the ability to do. Faith then can actually, literally move a mountain.