Honestly Trumps Dishonesty

There is a myth that men/women rise to power on empty words and hocus pocus jargon. There is no doubt that men aspire to rise to power in this way and many do indeed seem to. However, the delusion they are under is that they do indeed have any power at all or any control at all over anything except that which God allows. What these pathetic souls do not realize is that real power is only from and with God, the power source. Everything else is a deception, a hoax that is believed by those hopeful of respect and admiration and money, riches that only last for one lifetime and are then dispensed to others with the same aspirations. True power is based on truth because God, the power source, is truth. They are synonymous, and the riches created by truth and its partner love last forever and are never give away or stolen or handed down. The reason God let’s these corrupt men/women seem to thrive and succeed in their evil activities can be one of several reasons He tells us I. his Word. One option is that it serves His purpose in some way, to line things up to fulfill prophesy or teach someone a lesson. Another option is that He is allowing everyone their appointed gift of free will. Another is that He knows they will never turn away from evil and is granting them their wishes and desires, knowing this life holds their only reward and they will be punished ever after in the next forever life. The other reason is to break them later so the contrast can possibly have a chance of saving their souls. In the case of the corruption of men/women in power being in the church, sometimes He allows it because His Word is still getting out, despite the motives and more may be lost if the corruption comes to light. There may be other reasons that we are not told about. The fact is that it really doesn’t matter. Our job is not to worry about what other people are doing wrong but to trust God and trust truth and remember that He is really the one in charge. This should remind and equip and encourage us to walk in truth and love and be at peace and joy with all people we can.

Fork in the Road, Choose Right

Wondering why so many Christ followers that I know personally or know of somehow are stuck in the world rather than aliens in this world we are just passing through, it dawned on me that people just don’t want to do the whole Christ follower thing. Their pride is swollen with all this alluring self thought and self service. They want to do evil. They want the pleasures of this world. It holds radiance and value to them. Also, we are pretty lazy and spoiled, nowadays. I will say it. We’ve grown into a society of politically correct and whiney babies. Some are whining now or offended because I just said that. Some will huff and puff and say who am I to judge? I am a concerned Christ follower… concerned that Jesus is coming back and we collectively need to clean house for Him.

What the tempting world neglects to inform you of or is ignorant of is that those pleasures available to you are very temporary and distract you from the real story. The real story is that this life, our 80 plus years on this earth could actually end tomorrow. And even if we amazingly live our full 80+ years or more, that is it and there will be a forever after. That moment is why there is great importance in the choices we make right now. We have to pick a side because there is a war going on for our souls, whether you choose to believe it or not, whether you think it is idiotic or wise, it is what it is. We have to make choices today that dictate our forever after destination.

The Inner Church

Mother Theresa, the beautiful woman of God that I admire greatly, was once asked what could be changed to improve the church, or something very close to that. Her response was “your self”. That is the answer, folks. We are the church, we Christ followers come together for one purpose, which is to collectively worship, praise, pray and study. That is what church was initiated to be. What has it become? A theatrical performance? A dogma-rich religious ceremony? A show of an opinionated carnal preacher? A country club? A contest of personal greatness or achievement? If any of those, I hurt for us because we are far from God’s design. And who on earth can swoop down and save us from ourselves? Well, I am so happy to tell you that someone already has. Jesus Christ has saved us and when He left, He did not leave us high and dry. We have three precious and extraordinarily powerful gifts: the Bible, the ability to speak face to face with the Almighty with Christ acting as our intercessor and the Holy Spirit. Between these three incredible gifts, we can figure this out, and we had better step on it because Jesus is coming back soon for His bride, the church (us), and we had better be right with Him. To restore our churches, we need to first be certain that we are holy, pure, joyful, righteous, blameless, integral, etc. A tall order, in these ugly times? Absolutely! Doable? Absolutely? How? By the power of the Holy Spirit and the truth of God’s Holy Word and consistent prayers! Jesus Christ has defeated our enemy already and the gifts He gave us have the power and authority to produce in you and amazing godliness. You are invincible if you have this perspective and stay in constant companionship with these three gifts. And let me be clear, the invincibility is not of your own power, should anyone boast, but clearly from the power of the Creator of everything we know anything about. He is the power we cannot even fathom and yet, He graces us with the gift of tapping into His powerful Spirit and defeating the enemy that seeks to kill us on our own personal front. It is a battle and the heat is on because the enemy knows their time is short. Remember that. If time is so short that they are getting more aggressive and panicky, that means time is also short for us to endure it. And heaven as it’s us on the other side!! That is no small motivation! Keep your eye on the prize for which we were called. Work hard for the Lord because it won’t be long until you will never have to work at it at all forever after.

When Things Hit the Fan

Today was a day of sadness for me. My very own church representatives were very ugly to my friends and let them go and my ex was ugly to my son. This day was permeated with the stench of spiritual attacks on all sides in the most sadistic manner, through wolves in sheep’s clothing. So, what is my response to such evil and hatred? The same response I had to the good of yesterday… Joy of the Lord and peace. Why? When I am being attacked, it is proof that I am doing exactly what I am supposed to do. When you come across injustices in your life or have them hit you full in the face, be thankful and praise God because you are closer to God than you otherwise had been. How on earth can you do that? One word… Perspective. We are not floating along on our own, bravely facing the torrents alone. We are more than conquerors, adopted children of the one true God, being in constant contact and support of the most powerful force on this planet, God’s Holy Spirit. There is nothing He cannot help us with and see us through. When to get very attentive is when the attacks stop coming because then either you are defeated already and are not walking in truth, attacks are about to hit in a new way, or you’re dead already. The enemy will not chase a person they know is theirs already unless just to toy with them or drag them closer to death. However, if you are walking in truth, you will be attacked. So, how do we handle attacks? With the full armor of God. In essence, with faith, the Bible, prayer, the Gospel of Peace or Good News and lots of time with God. Is it worth all the effort and pain? Absolutely. Why? Because no matter how long this life feels, it is such a short span of time compared with forever, and we need to make sure our forever is heaven and not hell. You really believe all that? Absolutely because it is God’s truth poured out to us in the Bible, which has never ever been proven wrong about anything. We are loved and we don’t walk alone. I would rather spend my days now and forever later with the almighty loving God who made us and all the beauty we see around us than have many minutes of false peace.

Every Minute Counts

I was praying over my baby before sleep, as we always do, and I was reminded that people need reminders sometimes of how extremely important every minute of the day is.  We have such a tiny piece of time on this planet, and the decisions we make carry over into forever, which we cannot even fathom the length.  Satan’s plan of attack is simple- distract us from that knowledge and get us thinking more of ourselves and trivial matters than we should.  Our stance must always be in keeping the big picture in our heads.  Hey, this is stupid.  I may die in a minute of two and then forever will be here.  Is this worth risking heaven and God’s presence forever over?  Isn’t God worth our best here??