Love Forever

We have all had someone love us for a moment. Some love us during one brief season. Some love us when it is convenient or for selfish motives. Very few actually love us for life. I am honored to have a few like this left on this earth, but it is comforting beyond measure to know that Jesus loves us unconditionally forever in the deepest way. He loves you like that too. He even died for us to prove it. We can bank on it, rest in it, live there. ❤

Don’t Know Everything but Know Something

I don’t get a lot of stuff, like how the chocolate molten lava cake works or how someone can choose willingly to become so evil as to harm a child or how we can be moving like 1,000 miles an hour to keep us on this rock and it can feel like we acne standing still. These things I ponder, just don’t get at all. But I know this to be true. We, each acnrend every person on this planet, we’re made on purpose by a loving and powerful and very very smart God who is still in charge. He is so in charge that He told us what would happen and how to be saved from it all in the end in the Bible and opened up a way and spelled it out how to come pray to Him. I understand love from observing Him. I get love by experience. Love isn’t the falling, the infatuation, it is the staying, the faithfulness and self-control and gentleness and peace and joy of just being together. I get that my behavior and my children are my responsibility to keep myself right in the head and prepare the kids for adulthood in a pretty twisted world. I know beyond all doubt that each and every one of us will die and some will be taken up before that can happen and there is an eternity to look forward to or not, depending on how you did with the salvation and prayer thing mentioned previously. And this is where my hope comes in. Despite my crazy and at times otherwise unbearable journey through life has been, God is my constant and hope. I have not been constant but He sure is. And He drew me back and reminded me of these things I mentioned. No point is too late to remember and humbly talk to God and realign with Him. He is big but love and wants everyone He made on purpose to live forever with Him in heaven, His original intention for us. This I know. I will work on understanding the lava cake next. 

Walking in the Dark

Deep moments exist in life in which our journey takes us into the darkness. Sometimes it is a loss of control, a death, an illness, children, spouses, exes, employers, whatever. These moments cause us to feel nothing for a time, sandwiched before and after with pain. Whatever loss or chasm we seemed forced to drop into can be a sticking point, a changing time where we will never be the same once we get out. This change can be for the better or for the worse and it is a very fragile thin line that separates the two. Often it hinges on one decision. Do I trust God through this? Is He enough for me? Or not? And the heart of every epic battle is the decision to face the opponent with truth or arrogance. Right or wrong? And the opponent we fight most is our own pride. Many battles we are fighting are us at war with ourselves, being noncommittal in our hearts about that one question. Is God enough? Do I trust Him with this or myself? Sure our spiritual enemy uses that against us and makes working for ourselves highly alluring, but if you look past his distractions and into the core of your heart, the entirety of the stress of that dark void in battle is that one question. Me or Him? My abilities or the God who made me’s abilities? Which will it be? It is your decision. Every time, every day, every minute, it is your decision. So you have within you the power to be carried out of the chasm by the All Powerful God or wallow in it focused on not all powerful you and bandaid highs and fixes the enemy provides for your distractions and pleasure. And yes, it is really that simple. Choose wisely. Forever is real and might as well start now because you never know when.

The Power and Choice for Good

God is good. He is the only One who is. So He has the most power. Why is goodness powerful? Because evil (the opposite of goodness) is so common and cowardly and goodness is brave and loving and kind and all the things of the Spirit. Goodness triumphs over badness in the long run  dry single time because God has triumphed over evil already through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, who saved everyone’s soul who wants to join the good side, the winning side. When pleasure and temporary wealth or gratification is the evil enemy’s only lure I to a trap of eternal separation from goodness later, we who accept Christ as our Savior have the promise of eternity, forever and always with Him in goodness and freedom from evil. I will take those odds. This life is so short. People my age and younger die often, years go by so fast. And yet many choose to give up the long eternity of good love and peace and joy for moments of temporary pleasures. That is so very short sided. The devil distracts to keep us focused on the momentary thing so we do ‘t see the cliff headed for. Open eyes should always be a prayer of our hearts. Distractions should not be allowed to sway our sound reasoning. There is an eternity after this life is finished and what we do in this life dictates how it will be spent and day after day and year after year, and century after century and millenia after millenia, I would like all that forever time to be beautiful. Wouldn’t you? So, my thankful self will choose God’s goodness to lean on and wrap up in. Everyone has their own choice to make. And it is no longer a one time only choice, it is now a daily one. The enemy works overtime to bring us down to his level and distract us and destroy us. We must consistently counter that with daily renewal in prayer and God’s Word and good choices. In Him is life and I choose to live. What do you choose?

More than Now

We largely see things in a temporary light. We see what is now. We want now. We feel now. We live for now. Now is what it is all about. However, now is not the only thing. There is a great deal more than now. As we live life, we are happiest if we do what makes us happy at present. But, and that is a very big “but”, there is peace and joy and permanent contentment if we live for now AS IT RELATES TO FOREVER. That is a missing piece of the puzzle in the thinking of friends and people around I speak with. There is an eternity that continues after this brief stint of life is over. There is a forever. There is time we no longer consider time about anymore. There is a continuity of care and presence based on decisions we make in the now. Now is a very important thing, no doubt. But it is not everything unless you have weighed the forever against that now. If not, it is a temporary phenomenon, not worth that much. If eternity is considered, now means a whole different things and focus heightens and brevity sets in and responsibility looms. It is not a bad thing at all, but it is a whole lot more. It is an opportunity to have peace and joy that begins now and continues forever. Presence with God can be now and forever. Now is a decision every day to walk with Jesus Christ, our Savior and Messiah.