The Way of Love

Romans 14 speaks of the “way of love” and states very concretely that we are not to judge others of the faith. When we judge, we can chase them away and that is not the way of love. I absolutely love that term and would love to reintroduce to the world a loving, thriving movement of God’s kingdom as the “Way of Love”. I think that would be glorious. In the smaller arguments, food and drink don’t really matter in the scheme of things. All food and drink is permissible in moderation, but if someone firmly believes this or that is wrong, stay away from those things around them so as not to make them feel judged or unloved. The way of love comes alongside and meets where they are and walks along their path with them. You still retain your beliefs between you and God, but you never cause a fellow in the way of love to be harmed at your hand, if it within your power. People are far too valuable for that. We in the way of love show them love and understanding and truth IN LOVE and gentle peace and joy and rightness with God to the best of our ability. I am not now and never in this human suit will be perfect. Even after, probably not. However, we know Someone who loves perfectly and can learn His way of love from His Word and talking to Him. Here in the last days, however many there may be of them, I believe God is speaking more directly to us who follow His way of love to show us more how to love well to lead as many people to Him as possible. He is worth every effort we bestow and loves us enormously. Every single person was made on purpose for His purpose and should be treated respectfully and honorably and lovingly. When we do this, we yield up an example for others to follow and the way of love spreads. What a fabulous thought! 🙂

Call to Revival

The call is here. When the Puritans first came to America, their faith was strong and they were successful. When they started slipping in their reliance on God, things started going badly for them. Someone saw this relationship and prayed and started a revival in America they called the Great Awakening and Second Great Awakening and prosperity followed. Why? That’s easy. It’s because God is real, alive and powerful and He honors obedience to Him. So now, it’s funny that everyone is so eager to blame politicians, guns, bad childhoods, whatever for the moral depravity around us. This is why I like to study history… it reminds me of the present. However, people’s forgetfulness and neglect of our Holy Creator is not acceptable any longer for those of us who know the truth. God is still real and still alive and still powerful. If we who know this do what we know to be right and share our knowledge with all the poor lost souls around us, maybe we could start a third revival and maybe (as in times past and according to God’s own Word) He will heal our land and we will return to prosperity and morality. That is the hope that we have. It is merely rhetoric and not applicable? Well, it doesn’t have to be. I am personally responsible for my lot in life, those God has placed me with and around. I am responsible to be a light to them, to treat them how I want to be treated, to love them, to forgive, to be salt to them, meaning to help them feel something different about me because of my own relationship with the Divine. What will you choose to do? Is rhetoric good enough for us? If each of us don’t pursue Godliness and Divine order and light in our personal and social lives, it will all get worse and we won’t be able to blame anyone but the person in the mirror. However, what if we Christ followers actually read our Bibles every day and prayed regularly and cleaned up our acts? Where goes the Christ followers, there goes the nation. Spreading a revival is like eating an elephant. How does it happen? One bite at a time. Something to think about.

Big Picture

My goal is to help find the forest through all the trees. Sometimes, we need someone along side us to lovingly say, “It really doesn’t matter.” For instance, I was asked not to play the piano for a church one time because I was wearing shorts. They were very modest and clean, but that did not seem to matter. That is one of an enormous variety of examples where it really doesn’t matter. The big picture is that if souls can be saved, do it. If God can be lifted up and glorified, do it. What people are wearing, unless it is immodest or provocative in any way, doesn’t matter. What someone drives doesn’t matter in the big picture. What color or lack of it their hair or nails are really doesn’t matter. So, in the big picture, what matters? Jesus loves me this I know for the Bible tells me so. Jesus matters, especially where His love for us is concerned to provide a way to be saved and restored to our great Creator God and live with Him in perfect form forever. This life, in all of it’s little details and meanderings only matters insomuch as it leads us along that big picture path. The big picture path, silly from worldly perspective and down right narrow minded from many many perspectives, is really all that matters. We need to be saved and restored, we can be saved and restored and Jesus is the way to do it. That is it, folks. It doesn’t matter the details in the denominations or the details of the paint colors of the church. If you aren’t looking at the big picture with all of us fellow Jesus Christ followers, there can be no unity or revival we so desperately need. If we share and spread the simple big picture path, we will see the right changes happen to restore us to God, and in doing so restore our country to its former glory. Where the Christ followers go, so goes the nation.