Vacation Bliss

I don’t usually add pictures to my blogs. I use Instagram to share pics and try to segment my life that way so it makes sense to me. But here we are on vacation and I was struck with the level of peace we are experiencing. Recovering from the loss of a few close people to us, we have been quite broken for quite some time. And here we are in St. Augustine and it feels like a healing balm has been placed all over us. God has blessed the vacation. I know I have beloved people praying for us. The effect and answer of tthose prayers is a peace. We have had great fun and experiences and just sheer enjoyment here. Ate at the best Italian restaurant ever (first pic), toured the downtown, went to the beach, played and the park, little things and time spent doing nothing. This has been a healing, enjoyable, blissful vacation and I and feeling more like my happy, strong and meld than I have in a very very long time. Praise God!! 

Christmas: Michigan vs Florida

I grew up in Michigan. So, Christmas happened there for me during my growing up years. Fast forward about thirty some years and we live in Florida, where Christmas happens now. There is a stark contrast between these two places and this is what I see as the biggest differences.
MI: cold, very cold, sometimes snowed, so stoked didn’t
FL: not cold usually at all, pretty much like the other seasons
MI: to keep food cold for get together, wrap it and put it out on the unheated porch, like an extra fridge or freezer
FL: try to cram all food into fridge or freezer because you put it on the porch it will melt or draw bugs
MI: all the family gets together and eats all day, plays games, watches the Macy’s Day Parade, eats more really good food inside
FL: those few family members here get together and go out to eat then spend time outside, maybe even hit the beach or swim
MI: gray skies
FL: blue, sunny skies
MI: scrape off the car and bundle up
FL: flip flops and shorts
MI and FL: lights, presents, Christmas programs or candle light services at church
Both are wonderful and both represent the birth of Christ well. No matter where I am I love Christmas! Happy Christmas, everyone!

Panama City Beach

The best beach in the United States, in my opinion, is Panama City Beach, Florida. It has clean white sand that is cool to the touch, even on hot days. You can walk barefoot on the beach and not get your feet cut up or burned. And I highly recommend Edgewood Beach and Golf Resort. We used a Groupon for this amazing place, and the room rate comes with kids activities, a 2 bedroom suite with fully supplied kitchen and a pool that is only shared with only 3 villas. There is also free tram rides over the bridge to the beach, spas, kiddie pool and ropes course for the kids, as well as the group pool that has islands and waterfalls in it. Beach chairs and umbrellas can be rented or you can bring your own or just go in short spurts so as to not need them. The club facilities has a workout room and 6 tennis courts and there is a 9 hole golf course on site. Our balcony overlooked a pond with a fountain and we counted 6 turtles. Within minutes is a Publix grocery store and Sonic and a few more minutes for everything else. We had a wonderful time and will go back for longer next time. If there was one drawback, it would be that our bed was not comfortable to sleep in. However, that was really the only downside. All in all,with the Groupon pricing, it was a lovely vacation value on the best beach in the USA. 🙂

Saint Augustine, Florida

There truly are hundreds of amazing places I have visited in America and abroad, and I have to say that my very favorite place to be is Saint Augustine, Florida. I base this love of the city on it being a fond memory of my childhood going there, but I agreed with it the last time I was there with my family now. The city radiates with history and reminiscences. From the old city with horse-drawn carriage rides over cobble stone streets to a quaint, art filled city square and central park. Last time we stayed in a bed and breakfast downtown and could walk everywhere in the old part of town, and I highly recommend that! There is much history to see there, from cannon fire from the beautifully preserved fort to drinking from the fountain of youth and everywhere in between. I highly recommend one of the historic tours there to see it all. And the beaches are amazing and beautiful! I have also never been disappointed when searching for dolphins in the intercoastal waterway. And a fabulous time is miniature golf. 🙂 There is so much to do and see and relaxation is plentiful as well. Fabulous place!

The Lighter Side of Tree Frogs

In Florida, we have these adorable little green tree frogs. A day before or the same day that rain is coming, these adorable critters bark. It sounds like a bark. Before I heard it for myself, I would not have believed it. I heard it and saw it and then knew for a fact that tree frogs bark to warn you that rain is coming. Barking frogs. Now, doesn’t that crack you up? And even better, tree frogs eat mosquitoes!! Score!! I just wanted to share that. Praise God for making barking frogs! What a hoot.