Fasting Day Change

If you are fasting today, God bless you and I will also be praying and with you in Spirit. However, this week I am praying and fasting on Friday instead. We have two birthdays back to back (my husband today and daughter tomorrow). So I thought it wise to move my fasting day to a less distracted day. Flexibility is the key to get through busy months, I think. May God bless you beautiful day!!😄❤

The Wind Bends the Trees

I picture in my mind a spot in a paradise beach, somewhere secluded with palm trees, sand and surf but not too secluded to not have a hammock and ready made fruit drinks. And I picture laying on said hammock and sipping on said fruit drink and enjoying the sound of the surf. Hours float into days and weeks and I am unmoved, peaceful, calm. There is a breeze from the ocean, even a strong one, and the palm trees bend. My soul is reminded that palm trees remain strong in all winds because they bend with it. They are flexible. They do not stand so rigid that they are unmovable and fight the wind just to break away. They dig their roots in and flex. They do not cease being trees. But they live through even hurricanes and are strong get for it. I take comfort in this bending of the Trees. I take comfort that I can move on response to storms that arise. I can flex and not break, but my flexing is bowing to God. He protects me as I bow before Him, no matter what happens. Then I can settle back down after in my hammock and sip my fruit drinks.

When Your Bananas Brown

Of course, you make bread. When your bananas brown, you make bread. It is just that simple. When things go in a way that is inevitable but you don’t want to think about, you make the most of it. When the eggs don’t get scrambled, you make an omelet. You get the food analogy thing. It is important to know that we live in a world where things are going wrong. They are going wrong because it is inevitable that they do, we are warned that things are going to go wrong until Jesus returns, which is soon, folks. So, what do we do? Cry that we worked hard and it’s not going right? No. That would be silly because we already know that will be the case. We change our hat, flex our agendas and celebrate the soon coming of our King. Aslan will return. The King with come back. We do not mourn inconvenience for the moment. No, we are followers of the truth. We anticipate the forever after this brief bad spell. There will be joys along the way if we are flexible and look for them. My friend and mentor Char Pierson used to say that we are supposed to be “Flexible to the point of liquidity but not vaporization.” I like that. It’s not so bad when problems come. We know they will. It is pretty incredible that we are seeing the moments before the greatest event of history (after the birth and resurrection/re-birth, that is). Don’t mourn your bananas going brown. Make bread and enjoy each morsel.

Lessons From Children’s Choir

The wonderful children in the children’s choir that I have the honor and privilege of working with for this summer musical drama we are working on have taught me a lot. They are flexible. By this I don’t necessarily mean the rubbery way they seem to bounce off the walls, but when one kid didn’t show up after assigning roles, another kid had no trouble stepping into her part. There is an innocent flexibility a child has to roll with the put chez that inspires me to look at the punches a little more simply and roll with it. There is also a trust that inspires. A few are a little nervous about the upcoming performance, but they believe me when I tell them it will be okay and they trust that I won’t attack them if they mess up. It seems little, but how many times do we let the fear of a possible event stagnate our lives and keep us from living fully when if we just let it go and focus on the task at hand, trusting that God knows what He is doing, the show would go on. And we have to know in our hearts that the only things we go through in life are those that God both knows about and allows for some reason. It is a child like and immensely pure and beautiful quality. I think this is why Jesus said we must have hearts like children to get into God’s kingdom. We must trust and not doubt, never letting fear hinder our service and remain flexible to bend when we need to without breaking. We have to give God the control of our moment every moment until it is habit. There is a richness of life, a treasuring of now when we try to live like children do. They do not worry about tomorrow. They are so focused on this minute that they can enjoy it better and remember it fully. Joy in the moment strengthens character and spirit. And the last thought is that children are enthusiastic, things are new and exciting and along with that is an enthusiastic teachability! How wonderful would our lives be if we dismissed the distractions and just basked in God’s amazingness and allowed Him to teach us whatever He wanted to learn, excited about all of it, just loving to be a part of it all! Wow, what a blissful thought!