Bad Surprises/Flexibility with Grace

Today, we had a good start to the day, went to PE with the dog, I got about 2 1/2 miles in while the kids were in class. Then ran into our ex youth minister’s wife who just started homeschooling and our PE class. It was good to see her but rather awkward because they left the church all of a sudden without explanation. Then we get home and I go outside to the back patio and we have an overnight extensive ant invasion out there. Then mom calls and her car battery is dead. That is three weird things to deal with in one day.

So, I handled one at a time and now we are going swimming. Sometimes we need little rewards for things done well, especially weird unexpected things that break your flow. Flexibility with grace should be our M.O. but that M.O. should be rewarded sometimes and today at the pool is one of those times. And that will calm me back down. 😄❤

Flexibility and Resilience

I have a friend whose husband passed unexpectedly. Shortly after, while still in mourning, her kids and one grandchild moved several states away and abandoned her in that out of selfish pursuits of drugs. Then she lost her house because she couldn’t afford it and he had left many debts. She moved n in with her parents and was driving an hour and a half to work every day. Then she had a car accident. She mourned. I thought, “How could anyone come back from all that?”

And here is the lesson. She called me the other day and stopped by. I was braced to hold her crying, limp body yet again. But no, this was different. She found an apartment in town she could afford. She started dating, is eager to start back to work, had many smiles, focusing on her neices. And her resilience amazed me and her flexibility impressed me and I learned from her. She had Jesus. Through it all, she had Jesus and the Holy Spirit strengthened and comforted her each time she mourned. And all those things which change your life unexpectedly are opportunities to rely on God. And if you don’t have the God, the Great Healer in your life, you may never recover from that. But with God, you can be made better. And on this side of the struggle, I have to say she is more beautiful and spiritually strong in Jesus than I have ever seen her. And she is less focused on herself and more focused on God. And I wanted to share that. Love you, friend.❤

Flowing Goals

When you have 2 kids 5 years apart and one husband (that all want individual attention) and a house, you end up with a lot to do. Energy is expended to meet certain goals you set. Getting ahead is not always an option, as keeping up with things is about as good as it gets.

This is not a complaint, I truly love being SuperMom yet feel perfectly feminine and very powerful being a homeschooling housewife. This is a stark change from taking care of a slew of patients in the area and instead taking care of three VIPs in my household. Rather than a marcissistic rant about being spent, which would be idiotic, this is merely a vocalization on the importance of flexibility in your goals.

For instance, instead of a concrete goal that your children get excellent grades in every subject and obey every instruction, my goal has flowed into my kids making excellent moral decisions in line with the Bible and do their best to understand and incorporate the instructions from every subject. Some subjects will come easier or harder to them in their various personalities but they need to do their best and show their love of Jesus in it all. My goal for the house pre-children used to be that it be spotless and clean and always ready for company. Now, that goal has flowed into keeping the house as inviting as possible while being good stewards of the house God blessed us with, clean whenever possible.

Sometimes, flexibility shows a wisdom ability to incorporate key Biblical principles into the living of life for God’s glory. And everything we do is for God and not man/kids/women/us because it n is God we are really serving. I just choose to want to serve Him well and establish that principle in my family. ❤

When Tides Turn, Surf

Tides turn sometimes for everyone. They do not have to sink you. Get out of the boat and surf. Sure, it might be new. It might be crazy. It might hurt as you fall off once or twice, but once you master it with practice, every new wave that is bigger and bigger is more and more fun. Maybe you would have drown in the aame old same old boat you knew well but changing to a surf board takes effort and energy but eventually makes the waves fun and exciting and doable. Just a thought.