Blessing in the Tank

God bleased us with a sweet little tetra fiah baby in our fish tank. What a blessing! The newest member of our family is so teeny tiny, the perfect miniature of her momma. And I was struck again with amazement at our incredible Creator and the fact that the greatest artists can produce a detailed miniature. The hand has to be steadier, the paint perfect, the design delicate, eyesight meticulous, etc. And here is our new baby fish, the perfect artpiece. And I praise God, Master Artist!❤❤❤

The Fighting Fish

There is a delightful tetra fish in our tank that has come to the end of its life. However, as close as it is to death, it is fighting hard. What goes through the mind of our scaly friends is beyond me or if heaven is their home or they are just a passing through is another mystery. But what I find inspiring is both how hard it is fighting to live and how much his little scaly friends are swimming beside him, seeming to encourage him. Or they are just hungry. Nevertheless, a fighter he is. Something in him keeps moving forward when being taken down. I like to think it is a touch or fingerprint of the Creator who is life. It inspires and encourages the no matter what is dragging you down, the touch of the Creator is there to promote life and keep you afloat.

Fish Blessings

There seems to be an underlying fish theme to my life lately and it is weird and a blessing at the same time. It all started back in my childhood where my Dad taught me to fish and took me fishing. It was rare, I admit, because he worked so hard, but I remember each time. Recently, with all the crazy that’s going on with my Dad moving down here, he was craving smoked fish. Then, after his stroke, my Aunt Barb called and mentioned out of the blue that Dad was looking forward to fishing down here with me. Then today, we had to change out our fish tank, which took hours, so I was unable to visit today as I had hoped but will visit tomorrow. And it struck me as I “took up my pen to write” that fish have always been a wonderful experience for me. I love seafood too, so even eating fish is lovely. And today, though I had wanted to visit, the Lord knew that I needed some time with my family and sent me a fish blessing. So fish in some way or other have blessed me and made my life richer. This is very strange talk, I understand, but there are often underlying themes to our lives that are so underlying that we can easily overlook it and not see that it is really God’s blessing theme for your life. For me, it’s fish because God knows I have a great sense of humor and would greatly enjoy that. For you, maybe if you look and study it closely, you will see God’s blessing theme for your life. Then you will know His signature theme of blessings for you personally and you can continue to smile, knowing full well that He loves you personally and takes your joy into account.


My favorite insect in the world is the bee, specifically the bumblebee. Why? Because they are amazing lessons in faith. They are proportioned incorrectly for flight, with their bodies being heavier than their wings can hold. There is no natural reason for this bee to fly. So, what makes it fly? Faith. God told it to fly so it does. In fact, it does so often carrying even more weight on it’s body and legs in the form of pollen. It flies often and dedicatedly, never thinking for a moment that it can’t because God told it to so it can. Yes, I understand that was not correct grammar, but my point is made, nonetheless. Bees fly because God told them to. Hence they can. Even if they can’t from a human perspective, when God’s authority and power is there, anything can and will happen. If it works that way for a bee, how much greater will this work for people. If God tells us to do something, the by Jove, it must be doable and we must do it. The problem with us and faith often is that we have too many thoughts other than that floating around in our brains. We’re old enough to have been told we can’t or shouldn’t or health hazards or cleanliness issues, whatever. This is why we must have faith like a child, because they are more like bees. They don’t hesitate to trust and do. Faith is easier if we trust and do and don’t think or talk yourself out of it. Bravery is stepping between a gun and another person to protect them, not knowing if the gun is loaded or the person intends to fire. Faith is one step above, being sure that the bad guy doesn’t really have the power to pull the trigger unless God allows him to. We are to be bees, men and women of faith in all God calls us to do. I used to struggle with what I was supposed to do at a given time, always wondering if I were in some strange and elusive will of God. My wise Grandma, the missionary, told me that if I pray and talk to God regularly, He would put a desire to do certain things into my heart, a passion and motivation to do something, and that’s God’s will for you. I saw another perspective on a billboard which read “God’s Word is God’s will.” I like that. It’s there for us. First and foremost, He wants us saved. He wants all of us saved. Then, He wants us to spend time with Him and act like we are saved so we can save others. If God put a desire in you to fish, fish every chance you get and minister to the hungry. If God gave you a will and desire to sew, sew passionately and minister to the cold people. If it’s to pick up garbage, do so with pride, knowing you are helping keep people healthy. Whatever it is, God will never ask you to do something He through you cannot do. Be the bee!