A Metaphor for Sin

Sin is the fire. We find we have lit a fire yet again, a habitual and automatic fire. Again it burns our hands or caused discomfort. We hover around it, getting as close as we can without burning. We pray for deliverance from the fire as we tend it and hover close to it. God tires of our game but wants to protect us so He blows the fire out and we are free if it for a few momen t s and can breathe unpoluted, nontoxic air for a while then we light it again, tired of cleanliness and bored of clean living. We want our soot and ashes. It is comfortable, familiar, comforting. Ish. But we ignore the scorching, the pain, the burns it brings. So I have learned that if God blows out the fire, to leave it along and find something else to do. God will provide such things if we ask Him. We can do something else and God will help. Put down the hat hehe matches and we can serve together. Other people need the fire extinguisher too. Help someone else. There is always an alternative to the constant fire which harms and can kill. There is God, our hope. 

The Fire in my Eye

Once upon a time, God made me. I plopped into this world with a pretty big thud (over 9 lbs) and alone. My twin brother decided to meet me in heaven later. So here I was, on this earth and from day one there was a fire in my eyes. A sweet fire, but a fire nonetheless. I grew with that fire sparking, always sparking, lots of life, lots of drive. Fast forward 20 years or so and I made some really stupid choices to allow another human person to douse my fire, diminish my spark, lesson my drive. I believed an idiot. And I didn’t realize it at the time, but believing an idiot over the truth made me an idiot too, against the truth of who I was I believed a clueless wonder, a moron who made someone (me in this case) feel like less to feel like more. And dumb me of ancient past believed such lies and a fire, born to blaze eternally, went out. Not completely because it is innate. A fire was still perking unseen, awaiting a new spark. Fast forward past one misfit marriage into one of much more freedom and finally what relit the flame of life, of drive, of passions and pursuits for God, of peaceful movement forward was a spark of love and acceptance and fitting somewhere with someone whole who fit back. And life moves on again, fire is reborn, stronger and wiser than it was before and I see God’s hand in this. I feel the passion for life I once had, I hear the calm reaching hand of the Almighty coming toward me and feel Him lifting my head. So never underestimate the power of your love on another’s life. Love may mean the difference for them, may relight the fire in their eyes. And loving them and making a difference to them may relight your own fire. Sometimes doing what seems hopeless brings hope when done anyway. Have a goal of relighting at least one fire in your lifetime. What a gift that is! What a blessing!

Forensic Flaws

Things are easiest to study when they are in the past. “Hindsight is 20/20”, so they say (whoever “they” are). And I am here wondering why we work so hard with figuring out who is to blame for what and why things happened the way they did. Why or who we can we blame for the occurrence is so much of a priority to determine than where we go from here and what we can do to prevent further occurrences. We seem to view our flaws and sins forensically, parsing and scrubbing and cataloging each one and determining who did what and why it happened, trying to explain and reason sin out. One elephant in the room with this forensic analysis of sin/flaws/mistakes is that- now hear me big- it does not make any sense at all. We work at trying to reason away sins and why we reacted how we did when and where, and blame this and that for these and those and it is all nonsense. Sin doesn’t make sense as we know sense. We can’t reason away sin because it holds no reason as we know reason. How can this be? Because we think humanly and sin is spiritual. It is an intangible phenomenon that we are trying to put in human form. Grasp if you will the concept of smoke from a roaring fire of partially wet wood spreading rapidly toward your house in all directions. The smoke gets everywhere it possibly can working to take in oxygen and stay alive to burn everything it can, to destroy. Sin is like that fire and smoke. Our flaws are sin and fire and smoke producers and if left unchecked will destroy everything in its path. We must harness our flaws and realize them so we can build up our defenses against them with prayer and Bible reading. There is no reason to fear it but until you admit the fire is there, you are lost already. When pride says there is no fire and it’s not your fault, destruction still happens anyway, only to a much greater degree because denial keeps you from defending your house and soul. Without defense, a fire will burn out of control. Amazingly, the great Fireman has allowed us to call him anytime night or day to put out the fire in our house and defend us from damage. He is amazing and skilled and has a vested interest because He is our Father in Heaven. So, we need to think of our flaws not as a focus and distraction of forensic study, guilt laden or rich with denial, but proactively as a realistic need for God to come and help us restructure to defend our house and those around us. The blame, according to contrition, must always be on us for what we could do but failed to do to prevent the flaw from becoming destructive sin. It you want to keep your soul from destruction, the key is to admit the flaws/sins/mistakes on your part and ask the Lord to intervene on your behalf and save/defend your soul. He always answers that prayer. The flawless One loves to remove our flaws. He does sometimes do it overnight, but sometimes reconstruction takes a bit longer so we can handle it. Either way, He always does what is best for us when we ask Him to.