My Ten Pet Peeves

1. Willful ignorance.
2. Selfishness and narcissism.
3. Mean spiritedness.
4. Rudeness.
5. Dishonesty.
6. Hypocricy.
7. Inhuman behavior to other humans or animals.
8. Denying God His props.
9. Lack of freedom and appreciation for freedom and what it costs/costed.
10. Unforgiveness and ungenerosity.

So there is the list. I wrote the list becausee I met someone recently who actually exhibited all these. And not only have I gone through a roller coaster of emotions to get here but because I want to guard my own heart against these things. I believe maturity is not giving in to the temptation to treat people the way we have been treated. I also believe that when God forgives, He forgives completely and utterly and nothing of what He has forgiven remains in us. The other person may want to hang on to that and not forgive, but that only further injures themselves because who God has freed, they are free completely. So to my recent crazy, I tip my hat to the lesson that God is in charge still here on this third rock from the sun and I am forgiven and resting in His hands to handle the rest of it. He heals. Pet peeves that harrass and anger melt every single time into peace when on my knees. These horrors that can make a grown and mature person cry and resist and what not are absolutely nothing compared to the joy and peace of my God. An enemy cannot fight alone. If you do not fight back, they leave. All bullies are cowards. If they persist because they believe they are right or more right or a different more holy right than you, humbly let God fight for you and we will see who wins against Him. My guess is no one. There you have it. God bless and thank you, God, for your abundant love and peace and power. I am again amazed at Your efficiency and generosity and love and care of me. It is beautiful! Thank you for your peace!

How to Win the Fight Within

I love boxing. I love to watch, love to fight. I fight inside myself too. I seem born to fight. Unsure if from heredity (my Daddy was a boxing instructor in the Marines) or nostalgia (watching matches with him as a kid) or just the overwhelming drive and energy built into me, I really enjoy the fight. I don’t like losing though. Really really don’t like losing. So I have a way to win every fight inside me. This works. To win every fight within your soul, on do two simple things. The first is lay down and give up. The second is to give the fight away to God. He can win against everything. I didn’t say it was exciting. Refusing to fight IS actually an action, though, in this case. We bow out of the fight against the roaring flood of our pride. Our pride says we can beat this. We can win. And I always did before. But. Eventually we will come against a fight we cannot win, too big an opponent. And God will not fight for us if our enormous egos are blocking His way. So when faced with a small battle inside, start practicing your new line of defense: your double play: surrender the fight and give it to God to fight. He can not lose to anyone or anything.

Innocence Lost

Once upon a time, children could run and play, just enjoy the joys of a game of tag or hide and seek, without regard to the world around or adult life. Of course there have always been some children forced to grow up too soon because of bad parents or bad circumstances, but mostly children were innocent. Now, I had to discuss many grown up things with my not quite 10 year old son because of his questions based on talks with the neighbor kids about things little kids ought not to know. No one is talking about this except an occasional parent I come in contact with. Our children are being robbed of their innocence at earlier ages than they can even understand. Satan is preying on our children because his time is short. Please do not be naive to this as I was. Please protect and safeguard your kids to the best of your ability and much more importantly, teach and guide them to know right from wrong and choose the right. We must be proactive, not just ourselves but on behalf of our children. We must fight for their souls. We must allow them as much childhood as possible to develop normally and properly. It is our jobs as parents to do the best we can. We must have those difficult conversations, we must correct and punish bad behavior, we must encourage and promote good behavior. We must read the truth of the Bible to know ourselves which is black and which is white in this increasingly gray society. We must not become lazy or complaisant. There is too much at stake. We must fight. If we don’t fight for our children, who will? When is enough enough? It must be now. We are losing our children.

The Plight of Freedom


The plight of freedom is bold and noble and wrought at a great price. Why? Because there will always be power-hungry bullies and evil wretches who wish to have everyone else’s stuff- tangible and intangible. Because there is evil in the world (obviously) that seeks to kill, steal and destroy. So, we fight for freedom because we are made to be free. We were not made to cower under another man’s command. We were not made by a lowly Creator who wants us destitute for another’s gain. No, we are freedom seekers and will fight for that freedom. So many have and so many do, many giving their lives for this goal… freedom. The United States of America was founded for this reason. And success was ours because God blessed our plight. Then comfort and laziness set in from the blessings rather than appreciation and the blessed decided they would rather do what they wanted and decided they didn’t need the Creator, the Blessing Giver anymore. The thing is that this Creator is the only One big enough to win our fight for freedom. We fight for freedom now with an unloaded gun. The ammunition we emptied ourselves by being turncoats to the Armory Owner. But there is hope in our plight for freedom. The Armory Owner loves us still and is desperate to be allowed to once again fill our shells. We need ask and turn back to Him. That is all. Those of us who appreciated and trusted in God need to once again appreciate and trust in Him, take ourselves and our children to church, read His Word and pray together. Then freedom will be ours again. “If My people who are called by My Name will humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land.” The plight of freedom was won many years ago through our dependence on God and will be re-won the same way now. May God bless America once more. We sure need Him!

The Fighting Fish

There is a delightful tetra fish in our tank that has come to the end of its life. However, as close as it is to death, it is fighting hard. What goes through the mind of our scaly friends is beyond me or if heaven is their home or they are just a passing through is another mystery. But what I find inspiring is both how hard it is fighting to live and how much his little scaly friends are swimming beside him, seeming to encourage him. Or they are just hungry. Nevertheless, a fighter he is. Something in him keeps moving forward when being taken down. I like to think it is a touch or fingerprint of the Creator who is life. It inspires and encourages the no matter what is dragging you down, the touch of the Creator is there to promote life and keep you afloat.