Jogging Joys

Today, I had a rare chance to jog through a field. It is rare because there aren’t many public fields around where I live in Florida where I can run. (I miss the sweet farm I grew up on in Buchanan, Michigan.) The field is about to be owned by an organization that is building up housing for mentally challenged folks over 18 to live. So, until that sale is finalized I have a rare opportunity to enjoy the view of the lake there and run through the open field. It has been a blessing we have enjoyed. Soon, it will be a blessing for other people and that makes me happy also. However, I got to thinking… Why don’t we have public dirt roads or fields for runners? Running spaces are notoriously paved with asphalt or concrete or gravel (yikes) which is bad for your knees and joints after a bit. Open fields are much better for runners because there is give and you can run and run without damage or fatigue (if you’re in decent shape, that is). So, I would like to see some experimental running fields in public places somewhere and just see if more people would enjoy running and walking when it doesn’t hurt them. Maybe we can lure more folks out of their houses and into the mood boosting fresh air God made. So, running fields is the idea for public parks. Good idea? Bad idea? I would personally love it! 🙂