When the Painter Runs Out of Paint

I have plenty of energy today, but for a couple weeks my body has had energy (due to exercise, walking and a healthy diet) but the painter within me has been out of paint. I have struggled with grieving, feeling alone, wanting alone time, anger, frustration, disappointment, spiritual fatigue. It wasn’t one single incident that caused but a myriad of little ones upon big ones. And this was compounded by the fact that though I have been praying, I have not been reading my Bible as much to listen. This quiet slipping of the supply chain was not allowing the paint to be refilled and I was in very short supply. So, suffice it to say, even painters rely completely on their refilling of paint in order to do their craft. So, the lesson here is that all of us require fuel to perform, a medium to do our craft, food to grow, and this is true for our spirits and souls as well as our bodies. The two have different needs, and when one is healthy, the other may not be and that one is invisible until it gets bad enough to takeover the physical. So, the message is clear and poignant. Refill your paint regularly, daily through prayer AND reading the Bible and you will be a successful painter. Recharge your spiritual batteries or you will run out of power and rely on the much weaker physical body to get you there. The spirit, when refreshed, is the strength as God intended it to be. Our relationship with the Supplier of strength gives us strength. The enemy and my ego actively fight this very simple principle. We must be wiser than their trick is and buckle down to the reality of our need for God. A painter is only great as long as they have access to paint. 🙂