Living Your Life

1. I have my life to live and my journey to make.

2. I cannot walk someone else’s journey without failing mine.

3. Noone can walk my journey without failing theirs.

4. God is the Creator of the journey.

5. We can defy God or draw close to Him.

6. Each person must chose their eternity with God or without Him during this life journey. (Without Him is a horrible place.)

7. Jesus gets us to God and salvation. (A great place to be.)

8. Only you can be you and travel your journey.

9. Walking your own journey with Jesus is success.

10. I want to be successful and am no matter what uniqueness my journey holds because Jesus is my focus. ❤

Far from the Facts

A lot of people lately, I feel, seem pretty happy and content to live in a fantasy world rather than face the facts/truth of what evil and agenda – driven lies are being played out n in our ridiculous excuse for mainstream news media and do something about it (i.e. quit watching, call them out on it, complain, demand truth in reporting if legitimate journalists remain there, etc. Most people just shrill their shoulders and get back to anti-social media or games or addictions and call it good. Evil is not now nor ever will be acceptable or good. In fact, it is ever-increasing short lived, as soon Jesus will come back to judge good and evil and destroy the evil. Good will be eternally rewarded with goodness forever in heaven and evil will be tormented forever in hell. This is a not a theory for it is in the Bible, truth from God. It is time to pick sides and commit. Could be soon or very soon or years from now but better to be ready now. Facts are facts. We need to get back to our Christian roots and pray and fast for ourselves, our families, our nation, Israel, the world. We need God’s help and we need to clean house and ready the way for Him to come. I want to be ready when He comes. God is forever good and love and holy. I unashamedly choose Him.

Don’t Know Everything but Know Something

I don’t get a lot of stuff, like how the chocolate molten lava cake works or how someone can choose willingly to become so evil as to harm a child or how we can be moving like 1,000 miles an hour to keep us on this rock and it can feel like we acne standing still. These things I ponder, just don’t get at all. But I know this to be true. We, each acnrend every person on this planet, we’re made on purpose by a loving and powerful and very very smart God who is still in charge. He is so in charge that He told us what would happen and how to be saved from it all in the end in the Bible and opened up a way and spelled it out how to come pray to Him. I understand love from observing Him. I get love by experience. Love isn’t the falling, the infatuation, it is the staying, the faithfulness and self-control and gentleness and peace and joy of just being together. I get that my behavior and my children are my responsibility to keep myself right in the head and prepare the kids for adulthood in a pretty twisted world. I know beyond all doubt that each and every one of us will die and some will be taken up before that can happen and there is an eternity to look forward to or not, depending on how you did with the salvation and prayer thing mentioned previously. And this is where my hope comes in. Despite my crazy and at times otherwise unbearable journey through life has been, God is my constant and hope. I have not been constant but He sure is. And He drew me back and reminded me of these things I mentioned. No point is too late to remember and humbly talk to God and realign with Him. He is big but love and wants everyone He made on purpose to live forever with Him in heaven, His original intention for us. This I know. I will work on understanding the lava cake next. 

The God that I Love

The God that I love and praise is the One who created everything we know of. He is powerful, intelligent, detail-oriented, big picture oriented, artistic, loving, gentle, humorous, and on and on, all wrapped up into One Being. He is Spirit, so He can exist everywhere, aiding all things and people at once. This boggles the mind. He is holy and pure, sinless, unable to be tempted or screw up at all. He is perfect, doing everything in exactly the right time for exactly the right reasons every time. He is faithful to accomplish His goals, fulfill His prophecies and provide help when we humbly ask. He is jealous for our worship and attention in a way that doesn’t mean He sins or is ugly but in the pure form of the word, meaning He knows He made us and expects us to k now it too. It is a fact that we are made by Him. So when we give homage and props to someone or something else, it is rightly offensive to Him. God constantly provides for us, knowing is better than we know ourselves and loving us more, he provides for our material needs, physical needs, emotional needs and spiritual needs through redemption by His Son, Jesus Christ. God does not forget necessarily but of we humbly ask Him to forgive us through His Son’s sacrifice and resurrection for us, He chooses to forgive and forget. We are not strong enough to forget but He can. God is fair and just. People call it “karma” but it is really God rewarding good with good and bad with bad at some point when it will serve the most to try to save your soul. God is compassionate and wants us all to be saved and be with Him forever, even after this short first life is over. We serve an amazing God, an awesome God.