What is in a Face?

I looked objectively at my 40+ year old face. I see every hard time, every good time, every pain, every happiness. I see all that. I look a bit angry, a bit older, and that is my face now. It is not pretty, as the world sees pretty. It is not radiant or stunning. But it is mine, a reflection of me in this life. And there is only one of me. A face can change as skin loosens over time and fat comes and goes from beneath the surface layer, but who I truly am has absolutely nothing to do with that reflection. I am soul and spirit, the physical form changes. But who I am and who God sees me as being is the same beautiful little girl He created. And every person has their own unique beauty He designed. And every person’s beauty has nothing to do with their face or body shape or skin condition or color or hairstyle or whatever else we are programmed to believe. I am me because of who God designed me to be. Who you are is who God designed you to be. And He must really love us because we have such beauty inside and such amazing talents and gifts.❤


Bully Cowards

Bullies (those who do harm to others because they can or to prove something to someone) come in all shapes and sizes and nationalities, but all are the biggest cowards you will ever meet in your life. Each bully is acting out for some evil or evil belief in their lives, but I am tired of the psychobabble that excuses their behavior or makes them the victims. We all have had rough lives in our own ways, but we non-bullies don’t go around picking on everyone over it. Bullies need to be faced and faced hard to show their true colors and force them into the firm opinion that this behavior will not be tolerated in society. And each of us must be on board for this to work. We are only one but together we are an army. Bullies should not be tolerated to bully anymore. I am over it. I will not allow it in my presence, will not excuse it and will definitely rise against it in every way I am able. And so help me God, you supposedly grown up person my ex married, you bully my son again, there will be me right there. I am not 10. Let’s see you bully a grown up. This is your information bulletin. All other bullies, I am in a mood, you better watch yourselves. Zero tolerance policy for bullying. Go.

Worth of Life

What is a life worth?  What is the life of a baby worth?  A woman?  A man?  To answer that question, many would ask first who we were talking about?  Had they committed a crime?  Were they wealthy?  Stupid questions.  What stirred this?  Why speak of the worth of life.  I guess it put me over the edge to see a picture of a girl who had been killed by Muslims for the crime of having been raped.  Perhaps it was this person on trial for performing hundreds of murders of born babies.  Perhaps it’s seeing so much bad news on tv and media that has me riled up.  I just needed to voice in my tiny voice as loudly as I can that LIFE MATTERS.  I understand evil is vamping up and creeping in- even to our sanctuaries and Christian hearts.  However, there is a limit to what a human being who has any kind of conscious of our Creator can take.  I cannot sit silent while people and babies scream for their lives around me without an ear to hear their pleas for life.  Who is so callous, so confused about the value of a human soul.  Who is so evil that can hear such unfairness and be unmoved about it.  I cannot.  I am a human being.  Every human being is precious, created by God for a special purpose and sent His only Son to earth to die on a cruel cross to save our souls.  If you choose to squander your soul’s time, it is your responsibility.  However, I must speak for those unable to and say that if you harm or kill an innocent person, you will be facing the God who made that person and you will not win that.  Think twice about what you do because some day we will all face our Creator and answer for our choices on this planet.  I believe that time is coming soon, so you better check yourself.