Good Times with Great Friends

We all (Zach’s baseball team and family) got together for a pizza party and trophy handout and afterwards a kickball game. It was great fun! It has been raining nonstop for about a week, so it was a mud bog. A few minor injuries but lots of fun was had by all. I made vanilla cupcakes from scratch that they must have liked because there are only a couple left. And it was wonderful to get together and play without the pressure of a game (which they kept score of the kickball game anyway lol). And we all enjoyed it very much, having been together all season. Loved it. Baseball is underrated and fun with friends is too. Get together with someone, have them over, put the phones down and play, talk, whatever. It is invaluable experience. Makes all of life better. Church is the same thing for the same reasons but adds the dimension of spirit, so important. ❤

I Gaze Out the Window

I gaze out the window, remembering days by

The fields beckoned me run through faster, fly higher,

Thr Michigan sun kissed my yellow hair, giving it warmth.

The dog beside me asking to run ahead, in flight for a rabbit,

The rabbit escapes and I sigh relieved, preferring to see her again.

The field ends and the railroad tracks beg us to follow

And staying on the wood running begins my quest for faithful tempo.

The steadiness of my breath creates my beat,

The pant of my dog and birds singing my accompanyists,

The rush and tricking of the brook is my background choir

And God would give me the melody and words.

And I will never recapture that musical creative moment that way.

But now my music comes from different place

Different background choir, different beat source,

But the Giver of the melody and words is the same

And I still sing. I will always sing. My choice, my passion.❤

Caliber of Character

The absolute best people in the world to talk to are people with the highest caliber of character, especially if they have many years under their belts. They have been to the circus and seen the strings and still managed to navigate life successfully on the narrow way of love and not fall flat under the weight. These amazing people are excellent examples and sounding boards for us as we attempt the same. A wise person seeks the council of the wiser. When we forget there are great Godly men and women who have been where we are now but successfully navigated, we are missing something. To learn from them, our spiritual forefathers as it were, is to seriously run after God’s wisdom and understanding. And wisdom is sorely needed in this time of life. There are obstacles everywhere, idols under every green tree, attacks in every dark corner. Yet we cling to God’s light as our strength and His wisdom to show us how to use His gifts and His light best. When we humbly seek counsel from experienced and mature fathers and mothers in the faith, we connect the dots. We also honor them and build ourselves up with their words and stories. To be able to uplift someone else as well as ourselves in of itself is an enormous blessing. 🙂