Expectations/ Plans in the Pooper

God has been dealing with me lately. I have expectations and make plans. Still. Despite His laughter at them and how often He proves His plans are better and more purposeful for His kingdom than mine. I am learning and growing.

Today, I expected a good long walk with the dog like I’ve been doing lately in the morning. Then I expected a day off, to relax with the kids, to swim, to maybe even read, catch up on sewing. Nope. We started good with me and the dog and a walk, then a good movie (Shazam), then a long walk with the kids again in the heat. So far so good then it happened. The phone call. Our handyman needs money/work and we have work for him to do, so guess who ends up prepping for him to work tomorrow. Yep, this girl. Then the kids want me to take them skating with their friends. Oy. Here now and my back still hurts from the dog attack yesterday at the dog park. So I am sitting and catching up with you guys and reminding myself that God has plans for me and you that are better than my/our plans. We were able to minister to friends by paying for their admission. Yes, my back hurts but skating a bit helped. And we will get a few things done around the house that will help us with homeschooling.

So it is all good. Again, plans are better left in God’s hands. Be flexible, be willing, put God first. His plans are best for everyone.❤

Men and the Downside of Weight Loss

There is a downside of weight loss. All of a sudden, I find men looking me up and down. I know many women would be flattered, but not this girl. It is irksome and annoying and makes me angry. And I am exploring my strong reaction to this but I can only say that we need to demand more of men. They are, contrary to Hollywood’s portrayal and marketing and even portrayal in schools, here for so much more than their ability to father children. Men are the backbone of this country and head of their families. They are strong and hardworking and intelligent. This is how I see men as they should be by God’s design. So when I see them salivating and staring at me, I want to slap them upside their heads and tell them to cut that lusting crap out and be a man. Real men are godly men and have self-control and treat women honorably and with care and value. So there is my idea on the real value of men and I strongly urge men to be who God designed and intended you to be and quit the havoc – making porn and other lustful deliberations and man up. Men, you are the key to revival and restoration of our churches and families and eventually nation and world. Please don’t fall for any less for all our sakes. Thank you to those men doing a great job. You totally rock. Keep it up please and teach another man or young man to do likewise.❤


So sick of hearing “There is no ‘I’ in team”. Let me tell you the “I” is implied. It is there. I come from the opposite perspective. When I am a part of any group, does not matter what it is, I am generally the designated leader (believe me I do not request this) and generally end up doing like 90% of the work. Thankfully that does not apply to my marriage because my husband is very helpful, but in every other group this is generally the case. And I assure you that when you are a part of the team, you had better get your behind in gear and help the team. In the hospital where I worked for four years, teamwork was expected but only a few of us seemed to have gotten the memo. And in college, I pulled the long hours after my full time job to be sure the “team” project was done and worthy of an “A” while they all parties. Am I whining? Well, maybe a little bit, but the point is that if 10% of the people do 90% of the work, as the statistic goes, be sure if you are able to do something to help that you are indeed doing something to help. Teamwork requires a team effort, whether that be at church or work or family or service projects or school or whatever. Our requirement is to work as if you are working for God because you really are and you have to answer to Him for what you did, your attitude while you did it and what you did not do. And the beautiful thing is that because God commanded that, doing your best with a grateful heart is obedience and is REWARDED IN HEAVEN!! Woo hoo! Plus you sleep really well. Seriously, now that I am working past the crying all the time phase of my mourning process, I hit the bed and am asleep in like 5 minutes max and sleep peacefully all night. Peace of mind. These are the now blessings God gives us for obeying Him. This is very cool. So say a quick prayer for the right attitude and get to it. You got this! And God will help every time you humbly ask Him! 🙂

Hope Stomps In with Muddy Boots

Our expectations are powerful. We do not always expect things to go the way they do. Most of the time, our expectations and hopes are golden. We e left Jesus Himself to swoop down and rescue us from every difficult situation. He does not work that way. He may send angels and He has sent the Holy Spirit but quite often, we are going through difficulties to build our faith, build our character or prove ourselves so why would He rescue us without letting us be tried or proven? No, the expectation is wrong. Hope stomps in with muddy boots, the majority of the time. He goes through it with us, warts and all, dirty and gritty. The hole is that we will come out better, more mature, wiser, built up, reliant more on God, worth more to Him and those around us, more perfected, holier. And we are NEVER alone when we belong to God along the journey. That is the hope. Change the expectation, change the hope. And then when it comes stomping in with you in the more, you will see it and appreciate it for the perfection that it is. You are so very truly purely loved!!

Lessons From My Dad: What God Expects from Us

My dad was not trained in a university, yet he had abundant wisdom because wisdom comes from God. God trains and teaches the heart what He wants as you grow closer to Him. My dad had an uncanny ability to look I to the eyes of a person and know if God was in there or not and if not, went straight to telling them about Jesus and how to be saved. This was a gift he had and used it. See a need, fill a need with your gift. It was his life’s work. He could sing so he sang for God in church and led others to sing too. It was a gift and he used it. See a need, fill a need with your gift. He had a gift of nurturing the earth and growing crops so he was the best farmer I know. He had a gift and used it. See a need, fill a need with your gift. Daddy was not a great pole vaulter, so he did not do that. It wasn’t his gift so he didn’t do that. Daddy was not a tall man so he did not strive for success at basketball. It was not his gift so he didn’t do it. And I firmly believe that what God wants us to do is so dang simple that some people won’t do it for that very reason. They want complex, deep, reason-hardy, intellectual direction to feel pious and be believable because many of us were taught that. What God wants is for us to know and love Him so much that we do what we can for Him and His people (anyone around us) and His world. Everyone can communicate to God in our hearts so everyone is expected to use that gift to keep in touch with God. But whatever you are able to do, especially do well, is your gift and is to be done. See a need and fill that need with your gift. We are blessed to bless and not hoard it. Do what you can when you can with the right heart and you will please God. There it is. Just that simple. The rest is distractions and unnecessary details really. If everyone would do this, America and the world would look quite a bit different. So would the churches. I am one, but with the One, I am powerful. Learned this from my daddy. Now you did too.