More Christmas Decorating

Here is our third home decorated by us. We have now decorated my Great Aunts Evelyne and Ellen’s home, our home and now my mom’s home. So three homes now have we decorated. But I confess that I had the most fun with this one because my mom never throws any Christmas memory items away and it was setting up all the decorations I grew up with. Some were new, but many were what we had in our home when I was still receiving presents and had big family dinners and parties and all the excitement came rolling on back. What joy!❤

Fence Excitement

I feel like a little kid in a candy shop because we just bought the lumber for thr fence replacement from Lady Irma who removed our old one last September. We have b had such a lovely view of the neighbors and all their vehicles and much comings and goings. While I will miss that like a major toothache, I am super excited to obtain some privacy from them. Yay!!! Also, after the.fen e goes in, we can get a dog the kids have been wanting for years. Super yay!! So, it will be hard work, especially digging the post holes, but I could not be more excited about it. Praise God!!!😄❤