I Cut My Hair

Those who know me understand that I mark significant, meaningful events with a haircut. And I took about 4 inches off this time. It commemorates that which I need to remember and I write this blog to remember that. I and my Lord know what that event is and we will keep it to ourselves but it needed documentation. May God be praised in all the earth!❤❤❤

Superbowl Poor

As I sit here and write, millions of screaming fans are heard in the distance of an otherwise quiet evening and are playing the biggest football game of the year, the Superbowl. Am I disappointed that I am not watching it? Yes, yes I am. Why am I not watching? Because I am sick and my husband is sick and we are both too grumpy to be in the same room right now. Does that happen in a loving marriage? Yes, of course it does, because the two people now one flesh are still human flesh. Does that mean we don’t love each other? No, of course not. I would do anything for my family and love my husband very much. But sometimes in life, now hear me because this is a great life lesson, sometimes in life, it is better to miss something big and exciting and entertaining for something lasting. I said that sometimes in life it is better to miss something big and exciting and entertaining for something lasting. Instead of watching said game, I am working on our granddaughter’s quilt that I am lovingly stitching by hand so she knows we love her though we rarely see her. I think her psyche is pretty important and pretty lasting. I also believe that keeping myself from annoying my husband and visa versa, it is a pretty good investment in us to work on the quilt. There is more to life than temporary entertainment, even if it’s popular at the moment. Much more.

Lessons From Children’s Choir

The wonderful children in the children’s choir that I have the honor and privilege of working with for this summer musical drama we are working on have taught me a lot. They are flexible. By this I don’t necessarily mean the rubbery way they seem to bounce off the walls, but when one kid didn’t show up after assigning roles, another kid had no trouble stepping into her part. There is an innocent flexibility a child has to roll with the put chez that inspires me to look at the punches a little more simply and roll with it. There is also a trust that inspires. A few are a little nervous about the upcoming performance, but they believe me when I tell them it will be okay and they trust that I won’t attack them if they mess up. It seems little, but how many times do we let the fear of a possible event stagnate our lives and keep us from living fully when if we just let it go and focus on the task at hand, trusting that God knows what He is doing, the show would go on. And we have to know in our hearts that the only things we go through in life are those that God both knows about and allows for some reason. It is a child like and immensely pure and beautiful quality. I think this is why Jesus said we must have hearts like children to get into God’s kingdom. We must trust and not doubt, never letting fear hinder our service and remain flexible to bend when we need to without breaking. We have to give God the control of our moment every moment until it is habit. There is a richness of life, a treasuring of now when we try to live like children do. They do not worry about tomorrow. They are so focused on this minute that they can enjoy it better and remember it fully. Joy in the moment strengthens character and spirit. And the last thought is that children are enthusiastic, things are new and exciting and along with that is an enthusiastic teachability! How wonderful would our lives be if we dismissed the distractions and just basked in God’s amazingness and allowed Him to teach us whatever He wanted to learn, excited about all of it, just loving to be a part of it all! Wow, what a blissful thought!