Activity Motivator

Those who sit or stare at their computers, “smart” phones, televisions, movie screens, etc. are way more likely to be unhealthy in every way. They are out of balance. And it gets worse the longer and more time devoted to doing too much mentally distracting (though not stimulating to intelligent, independent thought) but nothing physically. So the answer to remain balanced and healthy is to minimize mindless entertainment and physical lethargy and get up and move and serve and focus on God and others. Then everyone wins and you don’t die prematurely. Yay!😄❤

On Entertainment

Do we really need to be entertained all the time? Really? I believe God gave us an imagination to entertain ourselves and work well. To watch other entertainment constantly seems a far cry from our original design. Seems like a good way to waste our lives. And I am ready to work well and entertain myself and teach my kids to do that too and not teach them to sit on their butts all watching overpaid anti-American actors and brain-draining video games. I believe life was better in so many ways, especially morally, without all the tech and cell phones and computers and smart tvs. Just my opinion, and I am sure it is unpopular. I am responsible to follow my convictions, as we all are. ❤