On Celebrating Small Accomplishments

Celebrate! Celebrate every small thing, in your own life and in your kids’ lives, friends’ lives, family’s lives. Every small accomplishment is so very important and worth a celebration. Why? Because there are fewer and fewer reasons to celebrate in our falling apart sort of world we live in now. There is a lot of ugly. There is a lot of failure and pain and not caring about anything at all and texting instead of speaking and entertainment instead of socialization. And celebrating the small accompllishments is a huge deal and gigantic moment of hope and good memory to build on and remember when things are maybe not as good. For instance, my 5 1/2 year old daughter is now swimming in the deep end without floaties, swimming well. This is huge! We had hot fudge sundaes from McDonalds. A tiny celebration but meant a lot to us and a great memory. When Daddy had a good day, I brought him flowers. A little celebration for a small accomplishment. Just being happy about things is a big deal when so many around us are sad and gloomy. We can choose to focus on these little moments of greatness, what life is all about. Thanking God for these blessings, for He provides them all, every one of them. Proper focus saves lives or at least makes them better. 🙂

Exercising Genius

Having always fought the chub in my genetically endowed self all throughout life, and moreso when men and society started saying thin was in and fat was only cute in a cat, I of course exercised and still do. I sought personal trainers, went on websites, tried this fad program and this book on it. And the genius of exercise, I deduced, was finding something I actually wanted to do and doing that. I love tennis. I love swimming. Those things are readily available and I can do them. I walk and have a place close by so I do that. If I try too many other programs or things that don’t really interest me, I don’t do them for long, even with an exercise buddy. So there it is. Do what you like. Just do something. And your heart will be all the better for it (and so will your mood). Have a great day!!! 🙂

Rest for the Soul

Picture ocean waves gently lapping up on a pristine sandy beach with clear blue skies everywhere you look- all on a beautiful island. It is a beautiful picture. Now imagine that you are stranded there for months with no hope of being rescued. The scenery is the same but the appreciation of that scenery changes and priorities change from enjoyment and worship to survival and hopelessness. Well, those of us stranded on the island by finances, work, school, family struggles, addictions, physical limitations, busyness, we all can choose to appreciate the scenery or be cursed by it. We can enjoy blessings or curses, whichever we choose to accept by doing one thing. Dramatic pause… Wait for it… Focus. Distractions of life, even big ones, are set before us to test us and challenge us to keep our focus on God our first priority. Really, the rest of it is just gorilla sand and nonsense. Life really isn’t complicated and we are bombarded with messages all day that make it seem so to sell you something you don’t need but now have to have. It is embarrassing how often we fall for it. We really don’t have to. We really don’t need to carry emotional baggage. We really don’t need all this technology. We really don’t have to accept so many responsibilities or additional work and busyness. We don’t have to do any of that. We can appreciate the world God made and worship Him. That is the excellent side of free will. Enjoy your day!

Delights from the Lord

Some of the creatures God made are so indicative of His sense of humor and sometimes extravagance. And there are creations other than humans too! Just kidding. We are all so interesting, it’s true, but God made so many creatures that lift the heart and delight the soul! I was referring to them. It is like a hot day and you say as much only to be met with a cold burst of wind unexpectedly. Creatures are being studied that are amusing and uplifting to watch that God seems to have made that way for His own amusement, deep in the sea that we only recently have been able to see at all. These things are delights from the Lord. Also delightful are gifts the Holy Spirit give, such as joy and peace and hope. These lift the soul and cover the receiver with happy thoughts and meaning. Bad things don’t look so bad when you open your treasures of delight from the Lord. Some come from Him directly through nature or speaking to your heart and others come from other people or your spouse or family or especially children. There are so many delights and blessings of delight that God showers on us frequently when we walk with Him! We just have to stop being so busy and serious and just notice and enjoy them.

Choice Days

Summer at last. We have few engagements and fewer ambitions during these hot, long days. Our choice is to play, to lounge, to read, to think. It seems mundane, but slowing the pace allows for a more pronounced choice to love your family better. The favorite part of our day is morning devotions together. We love that because it is the foundation for the day and helps keep us focused on what is right and important. Otherwise our focus can be lost to obscurity with mundane days. There is a great opportunity in the lazy days of summer to refresh the soul and just have fun together as a family. We can all use a dose of boredom to have time to sort out our plans for the upcoming days and months and years and get some old fashioned playing done together. After God, family is that which matters most. It is beautiful to just pause the year and live life. Our goal is to keep it simple and enjoy it.