Simplify Your Way to Freedom

Simple is better. I feel so free after cleaning out the closets. Anything that has not been touched in a year for us goes to people who may be able to use it or donated to charity or given to friends who would have need of it. The year thing works for us. It leaves more room in our tiny closeted rooms (builders really should consult moms for closet space). And there is a definite feeling of freedom and positive energy flow when you de-clutter. Why have things you don’t need or use? Yes, we never get rid of pictures and rarely dispose of books, but everything else needs to be functional or needs to go. I have moved twenty or so times (and hopefully never again) and you learn very quickly that less is better. Simple is also better when we look at social clutter. There is a lot of social clutter about and entertainment clutter, for that matter. All of it suffocates the soul just like physical stuff suffocates the body and mind. It is all to be decreased as the valuable things are set free to thrive. I would rather play games with my kids and cook dinner with my husband than sit and watch something that doesn’t matter at all. Simplify and be free! 🙂

Recycled Energy

There is a principle in physics (the law of the conservation of energy)  that states that energy is neither created or destroyed, only transformed from one form or thing into another. So, when God completed His creation of the universe we are in, He left us then with the same amount of energy there is now. It has been harnessed differently as technology has changed throughout the ages, but the raw energy available has remained constant since the first “Let there be…” As we age, our energy level seems to go down. Some of that is because of another law that states objects at rest tend to stay at rest unless acted upon by some force. It takes more energy to get that which was resting to go rather than something going already to sustain that movement. So, as we age, our energy is spent differently than when we are young. Youth play and run around and have fewer cares and concerns. Older folks like me are working and cleaning and managing a house with the pressures that come with those things. Stress and too much work and too little play sap energy from us and give it away to those stress forces, once called free radicals that transform that energy into damage to our bodies somewhere, generally wherever we are genetically predisposed. So I am of the persuasion that yes, our bodies wear out and become damaged in some way as we age, but we can recycle some of that energy back by destressing, playing, relaxing more, losing weight, praying and fasting, exercising, yoga, feeding our bodies well and healthy, laughing more, engaging in relaxing and fun hobbies, etc., whatever does it for you. However, you may want to just die young and stressed out, in which case I recommend none of those things. Everyone has their own preferences. 🙂 However, if you are proactive in your aging by recycling some of the energy God provided you with, more power to you. Life can be more fulfilling and less painful if we dictate as much as we can where our energy goes. Just a thought.

Walking the Me

Until we get a dog some day soon, our home is now canine free. The adorable little Yorkiepoo we enjoyed for a month has gone back home to my parents’ house for their therapeutic benefit and we walk her there. So, a couple days went by when I didn’t get to walk the dog first thing in the morning. I noticed the difference big time. This morning, just for kicks, I got up at 7am and walked myself. And after the walk and even now, I have lots more energy which I need caring for two households. So, from now on I will walk myself as religiously as I had been walking the dog. I think it is easy to work the spiritual aspects and get lined up in the morning spiritually for a new day but often the physical aspects of taking care of the bodies God entrusted to us get left behind. To be effective for the Lord, we have to take care of ourselves and have the energy available to us that will be required for His service today. When we serve ourselves by lazing about, it is restful and great but too much of that can drain your energy and yield you unable for service. And if our lives are not ready for service to God and others, we have huge problems which will carry over to our spiritual us too. I think there is not enough emphasis on serving the Lord and too few people doing too much of the work and that is not how it is supposed to work. Churches need to emphasize serving God and others (not just the church itself) and people need to serve to prove they are Christians or few will believe you are or that if you are, it doesn’t matter. Stop placating our lazy drives and selfish desires and go for the higher reward later (or maybe sooner) when Jesus returns. Let Him catch you doing something nice for someone. 🙂

The Exercist

I am from a family of genetically large individuals. Being the shortest of them all at a whopping 5’1″ in height, any extra weight I carry is obvious to all. More importantly, any extra weight decreases my energy. And since I have some to lose, one thing I am doing to obtain energy is exercise. Now, I have two young children full time all the time, so the only time I can exercise seriously is in the morning before my kids wake up. Thankfully, we have an exerciser in the house so this is possible. One thing I forgot to mention is that I am not a morning person. Those who know me are laughing right now at the gross understatement that is. I generally am not fit to speak to until I have at least one of my two morning cups of coffee. I have always been a night person. So, getting up in the morning is not as easy as it would be for say my husband, who is up bright and cheerfully at 5:30am whether he works that day or not. That boggles my mind. Anyway, I digress. The one thing I have discovered that helps me breathe better, be less stressed and have more energy is to get up early and exercise at least 30 minutes straight. When I do this, I have more energy in my day, wake up faster and breathe better. I believe physical fitness is not everything but it is something. We are created to be spiritual beings in a physical body and we need to care for that body, the Holy Spirit’s home, as we would the home we live in when we have company. (This is another reason for purity of body and mind.) So, I forge on through the horrors of waking while the sun is not yet up (truly horrifying) to accomplish a goal, which is ultimately to be prepared for whatever service God wants me to do for the day. He may want me to walk or run with someone to draw them to Himself, he may need me to hike a mountain with a group and minister to them, or he may just want me to be able to care for my granddaughter and parents as well as my husband and kids and homeschooling and lead worship, just as a random example. 🙂 We must be ready for whatever opportunities for service arise so we will be counted worthy in God’s kingdom. Exercising early for me works but anytime would do. Exercise time is a great opportunity to pray and get your mind right with the Lord. When we are faithful with what He entrusts to us, He blesses us and gives us more.

God’s Faithfulness

The Lord is faithful.  What do I mean by that?  I mean that when I talk to Him and read His Word, He always reassures my heart.  Sometimes He changes the environment, sometimes He changes the path I’ve been walking down, but always He changes me.  Every time I invest in God, He pours back into me more than I am capable of giving Him.  There is no path you walk down that He cannot alter, direct or protect you from.  It is the same for me.  God is not a respecter of persons.  He does not help me or love me because I am holy.  He does not help you and love you because you are holy.  He helps and loves us because it is His nature.  He is love.  God will always pour into you and I as we give Him the time that is His.  All of it is His.  The more completely we give ourselves to God and His created ones, the more completely we are given peace, love, joy, patience, kindness, gentleness, faithfulness and self-control.  It is who He is and we become more like Him as we spend time and energy with Him.  The greatest compliment I could ever hope to be given is that someone no longer sees me in this body but sees Christ in me, the hope of us all.