Divisiveness is Evil

God unites. His enemies divide. “United we stand!” Is truth. As is “Divided we fall”. The enemy, the evil forces of this world, all evil is united in its front to divide all of us. Evil wants division so all countries and their people are destroyed and they can rule. But I have a secret. God is still in charge. And if God’s sleeping children wake up and start praying and return to God, the division will not be successful and God will heal this land. God restores and unites. God heals and loves. We should be tired of playing into the hand of the destructive forces around us who around much weaker and damaging than we ever realized. God is all powerful and love, the Creator who builds. His side is the aide to rally toward. Truth and love need promotion on every level. We are called to that. It is a command. Proclaim truth and show live everywhere we go. We must do this today, right now. Pray. Our unity depends upon it. Truth and love must be promoted to yield hope. God will do it if we humbly pray. We must. 

Enemy Attacks

When you are doing anything for the Lord, the enemy attacks. His first attack is personal and often involves the immediate family. Evil loves destroying families and ruining homes and us. Sometimes it is subtle jabs and criticisms that make people feel unappreciated. Sometimes evil induces family squabbles and majors on minor things to begin fights and stir up animosity and doubts and anger. Sometimes it is more blatant like hormonal imbalances and mood swings as well as temper flare ups and the like. Our families are always vulnerable to the enemies’ attacks because they mean the most to us and hurt us the deepest when disrupted. Sometimes the enemy drudges up wrongs or sins or criticisms of the past that had been forgiven and forgotten for a while and allows them to dig in and weaken us. Other times the enemy brings up something brand new like a false accusation or outsider or even friend all of a sudden saying something hurtful or abandoning you or whatever. You get the idea. Probably experienced one or all of those as some point which had one redeeming value. It reinforces the fact that you aster a threat to the enemy. He sees potential for God in you, sees God’s reflection in you, sees potential in your family and feels threatened. Good news: all bullies (even spiritual ones) are cowards. God is bigger and has already won and nd when you remind these vile creatures of that, they have to go. Of course cowards come back when they feel safer but if you keep standing on God’s truth against them, they have to go again. So take these cowardly attacks as compliments that you are on the right track with God. The enemy won’t try so hard with whom he has already. (Cowards are pretty lazy too.) And keep in Truth and prayer to fight the enemy. And know God always loves you/us and fights alongside. I am never alone and neither are you. Love you!

The Importance of God & Morality on a Society

There is a nature to the universe, an order of things, a balance of things. God is the Creator. This is true and factual and cannot be unproven by anyone living or historical. It has been tried. The closest “scientists” have been able to come to disproving God is to claim “evolution” as their chosen religion of origination. They choose to put their faith in the unproven hypothesis (it is not a theory, despite what they say because a theory can be tested and proven) of evolution rather than the more rational presence of Creator God. Why? Why, when it takes more faith to believe order came from disorder and development came from mutations (which 99.95% of the time kill the host or leave it sterile). Well, because God has an enemy and this enemy uses dimwitted puppets to accomplish his goal of taking as many souls to hell with him as possible. Why so blunt? Because I am a Doctor. I have had science classes and research until the cows came home several times. And I am an observer of humanity and our environment. There is no possible way on earth that all this splendor and complexity came from a series of accidental mutations (again, which 99.95% of the time kill the host or render it sterile). It is impossible, not simply implausible. And they teach this garbage to children in school as a fact. Why? They (the enemy and his puppets) don’t want a God to be responsible to. They want to worship themselves and do whatever they want to do. So children are taught not that they are created on purpose for a purpose and a higher goal, but they they are the successors of accidental mutations and degenerated animals. Then they (the enemy and his puppets) take away the 10 Commandments (two of which are “Do not steal” and “Do not kill” and they wonder why kids are stealing and killing. Really? Is this a trick question? They (the enemy and his puppets) want us to kill as many of these children as possible before they have a chance to choose their eternal future and so abortion/murdering children is allowed. Why do children matter either if there is no God? Well, they don’t really matter that much if there is no God, I suppose. However, there most certainly is a God, so each child matters. And each person who murders one of them will be punished for it, whether they believe in God or not. He exists whether He is believed or not, whether He is given His proper credit for creating everything or not. God’s existence and presence results in the decision that we need to behave in a manner He directs for our best benefit, which we find instructions on in His written Word the Bible. So, morality is a result of these directions. And when they are followed, we have no crime, love, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, joy, peace, etc., society would start looking like God, acting like God. Sounds too good to be true? Yep, because evil has gained so much ground on this earth. People would rather do whatever evil thing pops into their heads and look out for themselves. It is obvious this is happening. It is everywhere. People have chose to believe in themselves rather than their Maker. Again, this does not change the fact that He exists and we are indeed responsible and accountable for what we do here. Nonetheless, this is the importance of God and morality on society. Those who have eyes to see, let them see. Those who have ears to hear, let them hear.

Freedom in Trust

The most freedom I have ever experienced in life is when I have trusted God with every aspect of my life. When I let go of trying to fix or control or have everything and just say, “Take it, God. You know how best to fix this. You are in control. You are big enough to handle this. I am just a little girl”, that is when freedom moves in and takes residence. Relationship difficulties? Give it up. Huge decisions on your plate? Just let go. Why do we always try to be superhumans? Why is our cape always dirty because we try to take off flying and end up dragged in the mud? Why keep fighting gravity? Because that is where the enemy is trying to keep us. Spiritual enemies, the enemy of pride, of self-importance. We are important, but we are humans. Why not just be content doing the best we can and letting the Professional of every aspect of life handle it? It works for me. Sometimes I still fight the surrender, but I just remind myself, “Give it up.” And when I truly do and work on my part of it and do what I can, giving God the rest, He always takes it and exchanges it for peace and joy and sometimes a great surprise I didn’t even imagine. There is immense freedom in trusting God and letting go.