The Bitter End

When someone comes up to you that has been a close friend for years and tells you to take a flying leap because they feel their life is better without you (of course they word it nicer), do yourself a favor and reply “Good call”. Turn around. Walk away. Thank God He saved you from getting even closer before they decided to throw you away like rubbish. I am tired of people thinking their feelings are the only important ones, to heck with anyone who fell for it and loved them and genuinely wanted to help. As if life isn’t hard enough. Yes, they will leave a hole. Yes, it will hurt. Yes, it teaches a lesson on trust. But thank God He is our loving Father and causes them to leave you alone to rebuild and restore. Restoration is the only option. Love of who remains is the only driving force to get you through the heartache. But time lessens this pain and we that remain grow closer. It is for the best to know sooner than later. I am leaning more on family and Jesus and a few close friends who are family and I am going to go on so slowly anywhere else ever. Real life has enough pain in it to add to it by caring for those who admit they are happier without you, could care less if you exist, do not even want to keep in touch. I am happy to honor their wishes but it would maybe hurt a little less if they at least felt guilty or missed us or something. Narcissists suck. They use you and throw you away. And if that is not the case, there would be no reason to throw you away. They suck. They hurt everyone and wonder why they have trouble sleeping at night. Wake up, people. If you are friends with someone who discloses little and is not open with you, withdraw before you get too close. Their heart is weighing whether your friendship is worth their while or if they get more by moving on and being rid of you. Save yourself heartache and move on, draw close to the Lord and He will heal you. Draw near to God and He always draws near to you. Love on your family, always a good investment. Never ignore those pouring love into you. That shows where their heart is. 


In Florida, we know that hurricanes happen sometimes in the summer, so we talk about hurricane preparedness. In the Midwest, people talk about tornado preparedness. All over the country we have ways to prepare for floods, fires, earthquakes, etc. And many rehearsals are carried out to know that we know these things in school, from an elementary age. Spiritually, we are told in the Bible that hard times and an end of this world are coming. So, where are the preparedness plans? Interestingly, the plans are set out, laid out very clearly in the Book that tells us what’s coming. Yes, the Bible is very informative and helpful, not just decorative. 🙂 What is the plan? How do we prepare for difficult times and an end to this world (which has to happen before the start of the new world)? We pray all the time to the One that holds all these events in His hands. We read the Bible often to keep ourselves focused, memorizing as much Scripture as we can so we have it in times our Bibles may not be as accessible as they once were. We encourage each other and meet together with other Christ followers to draw strength from each other and help each other. And lastly, we continue to live right, showing others the fruits of the Spirit and standing strong in our faith and truth and hope. When the hard times are over and done and we are still standing for Christ and have not faltered, we will be rewarded with a heavenly home and then a new earth home. We then will never have to deal with sin and sadness, crime and neglect, persecution and poverty, ugliness and pain. It will all be over. So, our preparedness will save our souls.


There is a verse that says “If my people, who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and I will forgive their sin and heal their land.

With this verse in mind, I have an ambitious Spiritual goal of starting a revival and getting us Christians back to God. As we do our job, God will heal our land.

God gave me this song, which I have posted on YouTube as ” Lord, We’re Sorry.” Here are the lyrics:
Lord, we’re sorry when we’ve given to the devil gifts from You.
Lord, we’re sorry for placing ourselves as idols above You.
Lord, we want to humble ourselves, seek and pray and turn to You.
Now we ask You, Lord forgive us. Show us mercy, show us You.

Please forgive us. Lord, please heal our land.
Please, Lord help us. Lord, we need Your hand.

Lord, we humbly come. All of us as one.
Lord, we come to give our lives and country back to You.
There’s no greater need that we have on earth.
Jesus, save our lives. Cover our sins with Your glory.

Lord, we’re sorry when we’ve let our own agendas block our view.
Lord, we’re ashamed when we’ve spoken harsh words to some lambs of Yours.
Lord, we’re sorry for every path we’ve taken away from You.
Now, we ask You, Lord, restore us. Show us mercy. Lead with truth.

Please forgive us. Lord, please heal our land.
Lord, please help us. Lord, we need Your hand

Lord, we humbly come. All of us as one.
Lord, we come to give our lives and could try back to You.
There’s no greater need that we have on earth.
Jesus, save our lives. Cover our sins with Your glory.

That is the song God’s Spirit wrote in my heart, so I will be singing it every chance I get. I believe the time of the end is here. I believe that the Father has it all in His hands. However, I believe we must wake us and get ourselves right with God and show people Him in us. It should not look like the world. We should not be sinning, arguing, wrestling with addictions, selfish. We as Christians have a primary responsibility on this planet… Lifting up Christ and winning souls for His kingdom. Everything else is temporary.