Apathy: An End Times Sign

We are steeped in apathy in the world right now. This is a sign that the rapture will happen soon, maybe today maybe years from now, but the sign is present.

I was listening to Dr. David Jeremiah on Moody radio while going to my consult today. He was saying that “it would be as the says of Noah when Jesus comes to get those who are saved truly love Him” means people were busy doing their thing. This means they were apathetic to things of God and eternal things.

Isn’t this what is happening? People don’t seem to care unless it affects them personally. They aren’t going to church, aren’t fasting, aren’t praying, aren’t reading their Bible, are avoiding or scoffing at conversations about Jesus or denying Jesus is the only way to eternal life with God. It is prevalent worldwide. It is even prevalent in many churches and that is abominable.

So missions is becoming increasingly difficult because people don’t see the importance, don’t care. They want to get on social media to focus on themselves, talk about themselves, talk to hear themselves talk, buy things for themselves, improve themselves or look better with the least effort to themselves, pamper themselves, enlighten themselves, worship themselves, etc.

It is evident we are in line with the time and environment of the rapture and that is a big, important word. I really don’t want to be here through the tribulation. No one should want to be here. But far more importantly is the relationship I have with Jesus. He is my Savior, best friend, my everything and my life would still be empty without Him, full of joy and peace with Him. ❤ ❤ ❤


Chivalry is Nearly Dead

So, Steve replaced the battery contacts and charged the battery and I am running it to keep it up. Praise God!!! And thank you, Steve also. And I decided while I had to run around a bit to stop and put air in my tires, as they need it. And waiting in line, some jerk pulls in front of me to beat me to the air. In a monster truck. With a smolder on his jerk face. And his lights are on in my face. And the old me would have whipped his tail. Literally. But the closeness to Jesus has calmed me. So now I realize it is just that in the end times people are lovers of themselves. Only. And I feel sorry for the selfish guy and so many others missing out on the joy and happiness of chivalry and service. It may be nearly gone, but when Jesus returns, wow, I will not care then. ❤

What if Jesus is Coming Back Very Soon?

I have seen a lot of YouTube videos on end times. I am sure everyone has. There is a tug at my spirit, though, that longs for Him to come but prays He delays so more can be saved, my family, my friends, even my enemies. But we have to be ready when He comes, no matter how long He delays in His grace and mercy for those dragging their spiritual behinds. Jesus is Coming soon, the question is how soon? And that is really just a secondary question.The first question is what do I need to do to be spiritually ready? That answer is why the Bible was written. We are to humble our hearts and souls before the Creator God and admit we are sinners (we are not perfect), believe Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection paid for our sins and accept His sacrifice for our sins. Then we pray all the time, we read the Bible, we find a good church that just lovingly preaches the truth of the Bible as is and do your best to live according to that Bible. Obey God. Focus on Him. Forgive everyone in your life who has wronged you, whether they asked or deserve it or not. Ask God’s forgiveness for every wrong you have done. Love and tell this plan to everyone you can. That is what to do to be ready. Focus, focus, focus. Even if it is years, you would never lose spiritually if you live this way. In fact, life would be greatly better this way. 🙂 ❤ 

Refried Weirdos and Other Rants

Today, yet again, while driving I was cut off by someone texting or talking on the phone and the road was clear behind me. So, they obviously were thinking they were more important than me at least as they pushed in front of me, fighting for that spot when many other spots were free behind me. Half baked narcissists are everywhere, in politics, in grocery stores, definitely driving everywhere, in homes and in the press. They are even in churches! My rant is that the idea of yourself being the most important person in the world or even the room is as far from the mind of God than anything else I can think of and reveals a boldness of stupidity. I am never the most important person in the room. I do not want to be. The first will be last and the last first when this brief life is done. This is why I never understood so many churches wanting titles with “first” in it. Why aren’t there more “last” churches out there? Last Methodist Church, Last Catholic Church, Last Baptist Church, Last Assembly, etc. Seems to me, we should be setting some kind of example, shouldn’t we? The Bible says in the end times people will be lovers of self. So, this means we are pretty much in the end times. I hope for these center of the universe folk’s sake that it is a long drawn out end times to give them a chance to develop some much needed humility to stand before a holy and perfect (and huge) God. We will stand before Him and no one will be making Him wait while we finish our important conversations on our smart phones cutting people off on our way to our “First” churches.

Crunch Time

There is no doubt that the world as we know it will be changing drastically soon, as it has been steadily. There are wars and rumors of wars. There are powers in place that allow one world government and currency and religion is being suggested now. Jerusalem is under harder attack by surrounding nations and many of the Bible’s prophecies are being fulfilled. What does that mean for us followers of Christ? Should we tremble at these events? Should we be scared of the persecution and hard times upon us or close by? The answer is a big fat no way. When we see these things, as horrible as they are and as long as they last, they are still extraordinarily temporary in the scope of eternity and we need to just buckle down and make sure we are ready for Christ’s return, which is coming sooner than we might think. We are told in the Bible to count it all fear? No, it says to count it all joy when we endure or face persecution because an amazing eternal reward awaits those of us who do. We need to wrap ourselves up in God’s peace and joy and keep praising and worshipping like Paul and Silas in jail for their faith. There are amazing and perfect rewards and heaven awaiting us who remain diligent and keep the faith. The greater the faith, the greater the peace every time. The war for our souls has never been so worth fighting, and we fight this truly spiritual battle with the Holy Spirit living inside each of us who love Christ and call Him Lord. And when the battle becomes more physical, we do the same thing. Prayer and Bible reading and faith and trust gain importance in the face of opposition. God is very real and active and very much in control. He told us what would happen ahead of time so we would realize this is all part of the plan and very very temporary. Keep the faith or build it and wrap up in peace and joy and you will see amazing proofs that your Creator and Provider God is very active in the affairs of men and He loves us immensely. This is sufficient promise to rest and find comfort in. It’s pretty incredible to be validated tangibly in our faith of old that is now being seen come to pass. How blessed we are to live to see it! Be ready and peaceful. Have joy that we will see our Savior. Wow.


In Florida, we know that hurricanes happen sometimes in the summer, so we talk about hurricane preparedness. In the Midwest, people talk about tornado preparedness. All over the country we have ways to prepare for floods, fires, earthquakes, etc. And many rehearsals are carried out to know that we know these things in school, from an elementary age. Spiritually, we are told in the Bible that hard times and an end of this world are coming. So, where are the preparedness plans? Interestingly, the plans are set out, laid out very clearly in the Book that tells us what’s coming. Yes, the Bible is very informative and helpful, not just decorative. 🙂 What is the plan? How do we prepare for difficult times and an end to this world (which has to happen before the start of the new world)? We pray all the time to the One that holds all these events in His hands. We read the Bible often to keep ourselves focused, memorizing as much Scripture as we can so we have it in times our Bibles may not be as accessible as they once were. We encourage each other and meet together with other Christ followers to draw strength from each other and help each other. And lastly, we continue to live right, showing others the fruits of the Spirit and standing strong in our faith and truth and hope. When the hard times are over and done and we are still standing for Christ and have not faltered, we will be rewarded with a heavenly home and then a new earth home. We then will never have to deal with sin and sadness, crime and neglect, persecution and poverty, ugliness and pain. It will all be over. So, our preparedness will save our souls.