Thinking of Shrinking

I am not an antique quite yet but I am old enough to realize that in our society, my importance will continue to decline. Old age in our culture, far from how it should be, I must say, every year is a shrinking in importance, in strength, in value. The more wrinkles should equal thr moments you want to be listening to all the sage wisdom she possesses, but alas in our backwards Hollywood and fashion/materialism promotion, ever wrinkle is more a reason to ignore, shun or ridicule.

I am considering this. I have much study on the topic, having served primarily elderly patience for 20 years and now personally I am older. I am thinking of shrinking. I saw patients deteriorate in health before my eyes and I know full well the families were either wonderfully supportive, reluctantly civil or downright brutal in response to this age increase. Doctors were also in one of those 3 categories, most adding meds upon meds for every symptom known to man with God knows 2hat side effect for such crazy combinations. Men and women with greatness God gave them and abilities galore, way stronger than I could hope to be, now shrinking, quiet, fading.

I realize I am unusual, but I respect them and wish to honor them. I spend more time with them than my schedule tells me to and ask questions, always questions. Who were they? How had God designed them and what did they do with that? Not every person matures, it is true, but most lived long enough to pick up valuable insight or just historical data to sparkle the mind.

So, when offered a chance to play the piano for some sweet dears once a month in a senior living facility, how would it be possible to say no? It is not. Those who went before us built this country so we can be who we are and live as we do. We are often pampered pets because of their blood, sweat and tears. And such a position demands respect and value and love. I do not want them to shrink alone, neglected. I want them to sparkle until the sparkle leaves their eyes naturally in sleep.❤

Standing Up for Children & the Elderly

Children and the elderly need us to defend them, support them. Hopefully the elderly have family to care for them but I have seen plenty who don’t. Hopefully children have loving parents to look out for them but often they don’t either. And sometimes the caregivers are there but are so narcissistic and lost in their own cares and addictions and agenda that children or elderly are not heard or cared for properly. We have a huge problem with end times “lovers of self and lovers of pleasure”. And in order to care for someone else properly, we need to love them which requires a certain amount of self-sacrifice. So, it is of great value to remember that the God who made us is also the God who knows what good or evil we do, who we serve, who we value and will reward or punish us based on those findings, for all eternity. And we have a finite opportunity to produce for ourselves infinite consequences, for better or worse. And children and the elderly who need us is our primary focus and objective. They cannot get through life successfully without our help. We must put them first.❤

Time with Daddy

Before my Daddy went to Heaven, I had a lot of invaluable time with him. It wasn’t invaluable because we had deeply wise discussions because he had dementia and gradually lost his memories, recent first and then past. What made it so special was that I got to see who he really was inside and his spirit. He loved Jesus. I know this because even when all his memories were gone, he still talked about Jesus and going to heaven and expressed great morality in his limited speech. And I got to see the pure base of love that God creates in a heart that loves and serves Him long term. It was beautiful. And in being so close to Daddy as his physical body diminished, I saw a renewing and resetting of his spirit, almost like he could see Jesus sometimes and I believe he could. And in my arms, he transitioned over and it was the biggest blessing of my life. I want to keep other older people company who are suck in bed to comfort them and learn and love on them. Older people are such an extreme blessing and what they teach us is worth more than gold. ❤

Caliber of Character

The absolute best people in the world to talk to are people with the highest caliber of character, especially if they have many years under their belts. They have been to the circus and seen the strings and still managed to navigate life successfully on the narrow way of love and not fall flat under the weight. These amazing people are excellent examples and sounding boards for us as we attempt the same. A wise person seeks the council of the wiser. When we forget there are great Godly men and women who have been where we are now but successfully navigated, we are missing something. To learn from them, our spiritual forefathers as it were, is to seriously run after God’s wisdom and understanding. And wisdom is sorely needed in this time of life. There are obstacles everywhere, idols under every green tree, attacks in every dark corner. Yet we cling to God’s light as our strength and His wisdom to show us how to use His gifts and His light best. When we humbly seek counsel from experienced and mature fathers and mothers in the faith, we connect the dots. We also honor them and build ourselves up with their words and stories. To be able to uplift someone else as well as ourselves in of itself is an enormous blessing. 🙂