Easter Blessing

May your celebration be the biggest of the year for Easter gives us hope of heaven!! Easter is the celebration of life!! May yours be glorious and spectacular and loaded with family time and happy memories. May the day of our salvation remain the cause of your celebration, may bunnies be few and may great food be enjoyed during this joyous occasion! Blessed Easter to you!

Encouragement for Good Friday

Sunday’s coming! My encouragement to you today is that Friday is here, dark and gloomy, looks like all hope is lost, looks like the enemy wins. But. Sunday’s coming. The morning will come soon where evil realizes its defeat and truth again is the only truth and champion. Death and sadness will be destroyed forever in blissful triumph as the original Easter sealed their fate. It may be ugly now, selfishness and pride and evil running rampant, but there soon will come a morning to trump all mornings, where we are changed into truth and wrap ourselves up in God’s love and worship, no distractions, no sadness, no being belittled, no disrespect, no mourning, no hate, no pornography and such evil misuse of bodies, no poor self esteem, no pride, no evil of any kind, no murder, no abortion, no pain, no persecution, none of those evils that steal our joy and peace. There will be peace and perfection, rewards, contentment, understanding, love, respect, purity, more love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentlenesss, self control, beauty, comfort. Do not lose heart. Those who love truth and accept the gift of salvation will have our morning soon. We must not lose heart. We will become more the minority and more attempts will be made to crush our spirit and force us to turn away from our faith but we must stay strong. Those who remain pure and faithful and focused on God will be saved and have our glorious morning. Those who love the future perfect pleasures of heaven more then the temporary fixes of pleasures in the flesh will be satisfied for eternity. We must continue the journey before us to our home in heaven. God wants all to be saved so we must share the Good News so many hate, always remembering that morning is coming. Easter sealed this fact, and our Easter is coming. Don’t get lost on Friday because Sunday is coming!

Frosted Windowpanes

As a person who has moved around a lot, having called 15 different places “home” at one time or another (not including visits and vacations and mission trips), I have pared down “stuff” over the moves. The last thing you want to do when moving around is haul a bunch of “stuff” around. It gets broken, takes more time and energy, is more expensive, can get lost, etc. Stuff really weighs you down in so many ways. Needless to say, my holiday decorations were eventually dispensed with and given away, etc. So, we didn’t decorate for holidays like my mom did for some big holidays growing up, except a Christmas tree we got after moving into here, Lord-willing our last home. And without decorations, you don’t always remember to play it up a bit. Now, I am never going to encourage my children to adorn the house with rabbits at Easter or Santa Claus at Christmas because they have absolutely nothing to do with the rel meaning of those wonderful events. However, I am feeling strongly that we need to do some sort of celebrations of events for the kids to have warm snuggly feelings and traditional remembrances of those events we celebrate because of faith and family. And my dad’s stroke and the possibility of his going off to Heaven at some point in life (we’re never promised a day) caused me to remember Christmas at the farm house we lived in where decorations and warm fuzzy feelings inside warmed me despite the frosted window panes. There were birthdays always celebrated together with cake and ice cream, the opening of cards and presents and card games played. There were traditional meals celebrated with the whole family getting together over the most delicious food you’ve ever tasted in your life. These things, as I age, are now inspiring me to set up some of these traditions with my family and kids so some day they will remember their childhood and us (their parents) with warmth and fondness, especially on holidays. Other days are important, but it helps the memory to have rare, bigger events to latch onto. It’s a memory to hang your hat on and remember, “Yeah, that was great to celebrate together and know I was loved enough to be made a fuss over.”