Diamond Search

In an increasingly dark and evil environment, we are not without some tools to remain sane and peaceful and joyful. One of my favorite tools is actually (duh) inspired by God. If you don’t know it yet, I am a singer/songwriter. God has given me many songs throughout the years of my life and many concepts that I wrote songs from. One such concept was the idea that God smiles on us from above and loves to surprise and bless us by now and again dropping down diamonds to us. Sometimes He is just showing us love. Sometimes He is giving us a break so we don’t give up. Sometimes He is honoring obedience and faith as a reward. Sometimes, He just wants to for no reason we can tell at the time but it shows up later. The reason is of little consequence to me. The big thing is that He does it. Every good thing that happens to me, I make a conscience decision to count those as diamonds dropped down to me and praise His provision and thank Him for His generosity. It is Biblically sound “every good and perfect, gift comes from above”. If you begin a purposeful effort, you will start to see so many instances of God’s dropping you diamonds that you will realize how rich you truly are. The Maker and Creator of the universe, our God, does not suffer from poverty. He is the richest Person we can imagine. That’s why heaven is such an amazing place to think about and look forward to. That is why we need never worry or be distracted by financial matters when we are walking with Him in His will. That is why we always have what we need when we need it. God is a multi billionaire to say the least! So, when we praise and thank Him for dropping diamonds down to us, it shows Him an intelligent, humble and pleasing heart that He loves to bless. When we complain and gripe, we are not acknowledging all the diamonds He has already sent down to us that just fell to earth in the mud unappreciated and unacknowledged. Something to think about. A correct attitude and truth are so important. Now more than ever before.