Reason Being

I write because God gave me the words. I sing and play because God gave me the song. I dance because God granted me whimsy. I am not brilliant. I try. I am not flawless. I try. I am and I do because of God. It is just that simple. He is the reason for everything.

The Great Power Within

I am very strong… for a girl. People tell me that. Physically, God made me a mesomorph, which basically means that even breathing builds muscle. If I were a guy, that would be a sexy characteristic. As it stands, it does not make for the sexiest physique in a lady as compared to the world’s standards. However, I am as a result very strong. I can do anything I put my mind to. I firmly believe that. I fear no failure or success or foe. That has nothing to do with me, though; it is how God made me. But with all this type of innate strength, I find the cleaning of a house a daunting task. I find menial jobs make me want to run out screaming. You see, God makes everyone to have their own strengths AND weaknesses. Yet having all the strengths I possess and despite all the weaknesses I possess, there is only one Power within me that truly can do any little or big thing I find myself faced with. Without God, we would not exist at all. I do not have the power to create a protozoan, much less myself. So, if I am to accomplish the incredible flurry of daunting tasks before me with grace and love and still retain peace and joy, why would I try to run things with my power? I am strong but not nearly strong enough for all that. No one can physically do all that I do on a consistent basis day after day. Not even me. I ran out of steam a long time ago. And yet, they get done. How? Delegation. I delegated in business, I delegate with household chores, I delegate with everything. Likewise, with everything I have to do as a wife, parent, caretaker, whatever else that day, I get my pride and self out of the way and ask the Holy Spirit of the God of the universe to take over. When I bow down and bow out, I still put one foot in front of the other but I pray while I take those steps and tell God how weak I am for all of this and that I give control over to Him again. So the great Power within me is not me at all. I am strongest when I admit I am weakest. I show my greatest feat of strength when I kneel down and give up control and rise up again on God’s strength and wisdom and not mine. I will never be smart enough to realign plans that change mid stream but God is. I will never be in two places at once, but God is. I will never be able to take care of two households but God can. I run out of strength and have to rest but He never does. He is everything and when He works through me, I can do anything. I can do absolutely anything because He can and He is in me. Mind snapping, isn’t it?

True Accomplishment Looks Like…

There is a myth concerning accomplishment and that is that we should take pride in anything we invent, create, think up, are in charge of, etc. The myth is that we accomplish anything like that at all. Let me explain. God, who made us and everything we know, is the Creator and Inventor of the universe, us and everything we know about and many things we don’t. God is Creator and Inventor, Master Artist, Director, etc. and when we have performed a tiny role in any of this, it should never be for our glory or be a reason to brag or puff up with pride. Nothing is new under the sun. We constantly have to fight pride because pride destroys, one haughty thought after another, and is at the root of all evil because it was the root of the evil sin the evil one first committed. It is his language now and is the basis of all he tries to work his lying ways on us. I used to live for compliments. As I have matured in my faith, I have changed my motivation along with my goals. Instead of accomplishing my own agenda, I am most at peace and happy, joyful really, when I feel in my heart I am humbling myself enough to be working to accomplish God’s goals in the situation and allowing Him to work in me. It is counter intuitive in our culture and humility has come to be known as something vile or undesirable and unwelcome because it is not flattering or uplifting to one’s sense of identity or persona. Dribble is what that is. Pure dribble. Why? The closer I get to the Lord humbly, the greater sense of self I have because I see better the family resemblance. I know more Whose I am and so live in the most natural realm for me in the world we know, that of God’s will which we discover from His Word and prayer. Knowing we are God’s creation and humble adopted children places far greater worth on us than I could ever find following any other creation, including myself. Selfish pride robs you of your identity and joy because it distracts you with visions of grandeur and hope for meaning in self when we get that best with a personal relationship with the One who made us and designed everything. If we brag, we should brag that we got out of the way to allow God to shine through us. If I brag I want to brag that I am a servant of the Almighty and most Magnificent Holy God. He knows me by name, loves me unconditionally and will work His will through me. Wow!

Explorations Into Loss

My strong Dad has lost most of his strength, a result of a few strokes affecting the left hemisphere of his brain. So, his right side is weak and his left side is none to strong as it is. However, through this immense loss of function and mobility, a peculiar thing happens. There are moments of normal. Not strength in terms of physical prowess but of Spirit. Dementia is increased with this last stroke, yes. But my Dad still knows me and still knows our Lord and still communicates that he will be in heaven someday. There are few words he can say at times but other times speaks rather clearly. So, there is loss trying to happen but there is will and Spirit that keep the body alive and going. You see, there is physical strength which the world loves to flaunt. This is all good and well but the will and Spirit are stronger and do not receive the credit they deserve. So, it is really a matter of what exactly you are losing when you feel you have lost something. The outer shell may be damaged but you won’t lose it all until your will has either lost hope or found it elsewhere. Let’s say that again. The outer shell may be damaged but all is not lost until your will has either lost all hope or found hope elsewhere! It it important that in the eyes of God, our Maker who designed you, that loss is not ever to be measured on the world’s scale. The enemy has temporary custody of the world and it hates God like the enemy hates God. So, the world will see the brokenness (especially the physically broken) as weakness and meaningless or refuse. However, God our Maker insists that we were created exactly as we are for His good will and plan and that you are fearfully and wonderfully made. There is not more to the story. This is truth because God is truth! So, when you see brokenness and loss, God sees precious potential. When loss shows up, God either gives us more grace to handle it or strength in another area to counter it. That is it. While you are on this Earth, you have purpose and when the good Lord calls you home to Paradise forever, you will be glad you used all that was left in you to honor and worship and serve Him!


Catch the ball, save the day, hold your head high, go for it, just do it, and on and on. Ambition is celebrated in this world. Motivation is the pure form of call to action. Encouragement alone can motivate. Ambition takes motivation and goals one or more steps higher. Thirst for more, drive for bigger and better is ambition. I believe motivation is wonderful and God inspired to get us off our butts and accomplish things for His kingdom building and even our own self preservation. If motivation is a toddler in daycare wobbling over to get a toy, ambition is mustering up more energy to steal that toy away and then collect all the others in the room. Really? Isn’t that a bit too far? Spiritually, it is not. When we have what we need and even help other people get what they need, we are doing great spiritually and it carries over to do great physically also. If all that is not enough and we don’t make contentment a priority, we allow ourselves to covet. Oh, how old fashioned, yes, but I don’t believe God made “do not covet” one of the 10 commandments to be a filler. Ambition drives too far. Coveting is when you want to look like someone else, have more curves or less curves, have their clothes, drive their car or one better, have a better Sig if I can’t other, etc, always fishing for one more catch. The thing or style you suddenly need drives you to idolatry because obtaining or achieving that thing takes precedence over things of God, even if they seem spiritual in nature. Coveting is a bad neighbor and you rob your own joy and God of worship, most importantly. Wanting nice things can be fine or can cripple you and others… it all depends on your level of contentment and resolve to stay within God’s will for you. Yes, God is very generous, but He will eventually take away anything you value over Him, and rightfully so. It would be good to remove it yourself  before it is removed after the return of the King. I believe that was the focus of Christ’s teaching that if your eye is bad, pluck it out rather than lose everything you would otherwise be blessed with. It’s just not important when properly thinking about heaven and your forever future.