Weird Dreams

I believe God took care of unfinished business with someone from my past last night in my weird dream. I dreamed vividly and in color and in a real life situation with a very vivid old friend I had not finished forgiving yet. And it was worked out in the dream and I woke up weirded out but much calmer in my spirit. I think it is cool that God can work on us and help even when we are sleeping. This has rare but welcome. Amazing. 😄❤


Stillness Response

I had n some disturbing dreams last night. The first was that I disobeyed my Lord in an area I had previously disobeyed Him. Thr second was that life would be made difficult for me by those around me.

Dreams, in my opinion, are either temptations, fear producers or expressers, a vision from thr Lord, or absolute nonsense, including a trick from the enemy.

So I discarded these dreams and reject them and instead choose stillness.

Stillness, to me, is a choice of clearing time to be alone with God. This can include praise and worship, reading the Bible prayer, or quiet.

When I have dreams like I did last night- super vivid and just not right- I know I have too much on my mind and need some stillness, again meaning time alone with God.

So that is my game plan. It has never let me down. So I am excited to be humble in stillness today when I create an opportunity. I recommend this also. God bless us all!😄❤


As a Christian and doctor who has studied sciences and the brain extensively, I have had many studies in sleep and dreaming and want to share my views for those searching this information.

Some dreams are messages from God (and those are pretty easy to tell that they are from God because they coincide with the truth of the Bible) and others are just a jumble mixture of real and imagined things (in a mix of whatever memories and imagination rolling and tumbling around mixed with anxieties and good thing). I have seen dreams interpreted by people incorrectly and imaginitively. The thing is, our brain’s neurons are always firing, even when we sleep, but cognitively the intentional part of our brain rests, letting the thoughts run wild. So from this I determined the following:

1. Interpret only if the dream is in line with the Bible truths (which means know your Bible).

2. Do not be anxious, angry, full of unforgiveness, tense, etc. when you go to sleep or the neurons respond in kind.

3. Other than those, sleep earlier than you are used to and let the dreams do their thing. Don’t make so much of them if not Bible-friendly. They are just firing thoughts around like they are supposed to. Or someone is messing with your head. ❤

Genuinely Missing Air

Growing up on a farm in a small town in Michigan, I may have worked hard but I loved every minute of it for I breathed fresh air. I loved the air. Oh how I loved the freedom of running through the fields with the dog, just breathing it in. Freedom. Air. Belting out songs of praise to God for it all. Very little is better than that combination. And on rainy days, we had an amazing upright grand piano I could play to my heart’s content. Oh how I miss playing a piano! And this city life is for the birds. If it were my fecision, we would move to a small cottage on a farm or with a lot of land away from all these people and restore my upright piano so I can play again. That would be amazing. Driving down a country road you pretty much have to yourself is just shy of perfection. Air. Freedom. Piano. Country. Praising God. This to me is what heaven looks like. This is what brings me most to life. God is so good to have given me such a glorious taste of it! He knows what He is doing all the time.❤❤❤

Stealing Back Your Dreams

We are all created by God for certain gifts and talents that drive us towards dreams or callings or goals, depending on what you call them. And many of us get side tracked by the bad guy (sometimes in us and sometimes external). We get side tracked. Seriously drop the dreams we had of long past. It is within our rights to steal these dreams back. In fact, it is our responsibility to do so. We were given certain gifts to use for God. ❤ ❤ ❤ 

Original Plans vs Now

The decisions we make change our present and our future. Imagine how different our lives would be if we never made that bad decision or stuck to our original plans or said no to that costly detour or any myriad of decision changes or detour options. I wonder about this. I believe I would be a physician and probably run an inter-city free clinic with a huge family full of foster kids and adopted kids. This was my dream before men detoured me (my fault, not theirs- don’t think me deceived now). But I think we all have a God-given plan that we can follow or not follow. So then, when we figure this all out from another place entirely at a later time, is it too late? Have we ruined it? Well, here is the answer I believe to be true. God looks at the heart. Our heart can get off course but it can also humbly obey and thus be beautiful to Him. And wherever we end up, our heart is still His focus. Do you love me now? Do you want to obey now? Are you humble and worshipping now? If so, God will give you a new vision, goal, dream, purpose that will help His people or worship Him. And we must ask forgiveness and move forward in obedience. God is way bigger than you having one chance to get it right or He’s finished with you. There is only one way to be saved eternally through Jesus, but everything else is flexible. God can use what you have gone through for a new, richer, deeper purpose. Don’t beat yourself up. God sure doesn’t. When you and forgiveness, it is now invisible, gone, ancient history. Be His child now. Right now, humbly worship Him, pray, read your Bible, His Word. Obey. Right where you are, be a light for Him and love people. The now matters a million times more than the past, as long as you have humbly asked forgiveness and turned away from bad decisions. That is truth. Hope is now and future.❤