Never A Drama-Void Moment

Teenagers drum up drama in their heads. Their hormones lead them one way and their imaginations expound on that in a narcissistic way to produce drama after drama for the real world from their perspective. My daughter said it best, “He’s either nice or mean or sad all the time now.” Anout sums it up.

Some people never outgrow that level of dealing with the world. They remain in teenager hormone imagination land creating drama forever. My ex is like that. If there is no drama, he will invent some to be happy or contentedly unhappy rather. It is exhausting. Now he is getting back together with his crazy wife I thought we had been blessed to be done with. And this is going on and this is and blah blah blah. Neverending drama. And my stepdaughter is teeming with that same narcissistic teenage hormone imagination drama too. Just goes on and on. My mom also has this . I think it is an epidemic, like the plague or something.

Momma’s tired of drama. You know who else wants us to get off the crazy drama train? God does. He wants us to live in perfect peace and keep our mind stayed on Him. He wants us to be joyful always and pray continuously. This is His will forum in Christ Jesus. So, simple is better and eternity-with-God minded is the ticket there. We need to let go of being included in the drama and as fast as they want to drag us there is just as quickly as we turn back to our view of the cross and rolled away stone. And I am looking forward to Easter and will work on celebrating that excellent day all year long. That was pretty dramatic.😄❤

Not My Jungle, Not My Monkeys

Recently a barely friend just opened up to us, exploded on us rather, with a line of improbable drama that would offend anyone. I am not sure if she was a pot stirrer or after my husband or just a lost soul looking everywhere for anything but Jesus. Not sure, but so glad we both saw through her and are keeping clear. “Not my jungle, not my moneys” is a saying that has kept me drama free for years, having fallen for some pathetic drama on many occasions before that. It is important to stay in my lane and in our lane as a family. Life has enough drama of its own than to add to that, which always is detrimental. And praise God for the wisdom He gave me when I asked Him to. He really does provide wisdom when we desperately and humbly ask Him to. Praise God!❤

Junior League Baseball

My son is playing baseball now. While there are strong likenesses, such as a bat and ball and glove and bases and general rules very similar to when I was in it, there are a myriad of differences. We had things like scores back then. Call me tyrannical but they were pretty important to us back then. They don’t keep score now. How do you know which team won? Well, it doesn’t really matter because we are all winners. What? Yes, that is exactly how real life is. Oh wait, no it is not. And there is a poor girl on this boy’s team who is identifying herself as a boy. She looks like a girl, plays like a girl, whines like a girl, has body parts like a girl. Really? The boys and I have no problem with her gender confusion at all, she can be whoever she/he wants to be, but golly pick another sport because she/he can’t catch, throw, hit a ball, run well, anything,and well that used to matter to the team. They boys have to pussyfoot around her tender feelings and agenda drama I stead of playing the game. They just want to play ball well and we have a soap opera. Also, coaches can no longer call someone’s insane wild throw what it is. It is all good effort now. Really? Good effort is not throwing the ball to third where no runner is headed instead of to first. That is insanity not a good effort. Baseball is to reflect life. What boss in the universe is going to celebrate your effort if you send the proposal to the wrong company? Hmm? Call me old fashioned but we used to celebrate the heck out of success and when we won it was glorious and we got banana splits for home runs. When no one wins, what is their motivation? Celebrating good efforts and meldrama and mediocrity? Things have changed and I am very concerned about our current state of wussiness. 

Church Atmosphere Black and White vs Gray

There is a wide range of church atmospheres and personalities within specific groupings of church families. Their styles are as diverse as people in the world are because a church is the people. There are different focuses, though most Christian churches seem to have almost identical mission statements. How they go about getting there differs. I want to focus for a moment on black and white churches versus gray churches. By black and white I mean that there is a distinct right and wrong and that is the way it should be. And the gray churches accept variations of middle ground and relative right and wrong, etc. Most churches wanting to draw in a huge population with a huge budget, fame, and fortune adopt a more gray mentality and approach. They reason that getting people in the door is the goal, being “seeker friendly” and figure we will offer steps to correct grayness once they are in and attached. They have dramatic presentation, pretty lights, a show and the gospel preached. The black and white churches tend to focus on specific morality rather than drawing huge crowds. They have things more simple and traditional and the gospel is preached. Now, I am only pointing out differences in church priorities and foci here and not judging them. Each has pros and con’s and they should be explored. Gray churches pros: happy, friendly, warm, inviting, entertaining, great worship, freedom of expression often, more people means better children’s programs, more staff, etc. Gray churches cons: teaching isn’t as in depth, light on moral absolutes, even lighter on judgment, relativism may be integrated, many workers to keep track of in training, different faces often so can get lost in the crowd. Black and white churches pros: smaller size so more recognizability, teaching is more in depth, moral absolutes taught, more reverent setting for worship, more focus on substance versus show. Black and white churches cons: tend to be judgmental, less freedom of worship expression, less flexibility with staff, fewer children’s programs and special events. These are a result of myriads of churches I have been a part of or visited over my lifetime and of course is not exact for every church, however, this seems to be the crust of it. Both have good and not so good qualities, as you can see. Why do I even bring all this up? I mention it because God put it on my heart to do so and that is enough. However,He also gave me a passion for His church and my personal conviction is that the church should reflect its Founder, our Savior, in every way that we can, which means substance and truth always won in His teachings but that they were always delivered lovingly with all fruits of the Spirit intact. I firmly believe whatever church you choose to support and attend should look like Christ and always brag on Him and share truth from Him to the world and each other. Where you attend matters and even if it is in your home with a few good friends you can trust, you have everything you need to share God’s Word, pray and worship together and then serve the community with Christ’s mission mind. That is the model we should follow. When staff is paid too much or brags on their church or themselves or each other ever, there is a heart problem that needs to be addressed. When right and wrong is sacrificed for political correctness, there is a heart problem. When there is judgment and unforgiveness or unacceptance, there is a heart problem. These problems need to be avidly addressed because we need more than ever to purify God’s church because Jesus Christ returns soon to collect us. We need to encourage each other as we lift up our Savior.