Power of Droplets

Thousands of droplets fell from heaven for the last couple days here in Florida during our latest exciting rain train, a leftover gift from some tropical something somewhere in the world. So, we accumulated lots and lots of extra droplets. They tried to take over the world, but they did manage to take over the neighbor’s oak tree which decided to fall down an land against and on my minivan. Yes, I am now a cliche homeschooling mom who coaches and has a minivan. Yes, I like that better than I ever thought I would. A vette would still be more fun to ride. Anyway, so I awoke to the delight of incredibly hard work cutting out my car from Poison Ivy’s fury (get the Batman bad girl reference?) lol. This was not fun. My fingers got messed up, my arms still feel like jello. But all dug out, the car had two things wrong, a damaged passenger side mirror and the antennae was bent. No broken glass, no messed up paint job, no dents. Amazing. And to that I say Thank You, God for taking care of us! And I also realized that one droplet cannot fell a tree. Two or three might not be able to or even a hundred. But you get enough droplets together, relevent to the situation, and real damage can be done or real good can come about. It can go both ways. But that last droplet is the straw that broke the camel’s back and we need to pay attention to every droplet, whatever your current droplet is trying for. One makes a difference. Many are lots of ones.