Fasting Fantastic

When I was young, preachers would talk about prayer with fasting. Whole congregations would fast over a decision or an illness. It wasn’t all the time, but it was taught. I mentioned fasting in passing to someone and they thought it was for a blood draw. Why fast? Why put yourself through that discomfort? For health reasons? No, it is healthier to eat right. To lose weight? No, your body hoards fat and calories as long as it can when you fast. No, none of these. When you fast, meaning not eat anything and drink only water or clear liquids that are not food, for a day or a meal or half a day or a couple days, whatever, you create within yourself a dependence on God for strength. You also are humble. Humble is very hard to come by. It allows you to be humble enough to pray and focus on God to meet your needs. It also gives you more time to pray. We all have very busy lives and eating is generally one thing we take the time for. So if we use that time to pray and read the Bible and fervently go before the Lord with less distraction, we are more pure in our minds and hearts. God loves humble requests. He really loves to grant our requests. He loves it when we come to him for help when we have done all we can and still need help. God loves us. Another reason prayer with fasting is important is because some evil spirits plaguing you or others can only be driven out that way. Spiritual matters follow a completely different set of rules and laws than physical matters. The spirit of the faster is correctly lined to be honored by God and assisted in the spiritual realm. We open the door to be helped spiritually by fasting and prayer. Is it worth it? Absolutely. It is worth depriving yourself of a little food to indulge in some assistance of much more lasting significance.