Movie Inspiration

Today, I watched Meet the Robinsons again with my daughter. It really inspires me to not judge anyone, take responsibility for my actions, and adopt an orphan, in no particular order. There is so much good that can be done in this world of woes if we each just do our part. We can do what we can do where we are. If enough people did this in humble prayer and keep our minds right for God, oh what a difference we could make, oh what restoration God can do in this land. That is true of every land. Do some good for someone today for God and not expecting anything back. And tomorrow do something else. And the next day. And the world will get better. Brighter. And God will smile on us and bless us because that is His plan. ❤

Do What You Do

Whatever God puts on your heart to do, that desire that is what occupies your thoughts and emotions and yearnings of the heart that is wholesome and positive and uplifting. Chances are God has given you that employment to do. So do it. Don’t look back. I know from experience that looking back binds you to the past and keels you from the present and thr present is what we are responsible for. The future is eternal rewards or punishments for decisions and deeds done in the present. Do what you do now. Pray, prepare and go. God will help if you humbly ask Him. Every single time.❤

Trying Something New

So, it is try something new day. The butler’s pantry (which is so funny because we just were putting in a pantry with a bar sink for coffee and the guy at Lowes said that was a “butler’s pantry” lol) is getting a marble tile backslash. It is the first time ever installing tile. We are doing this smaller area in practice for the slightly larger lol kitchen we are renovating next. And like everything else, to do something new is to expand your skill set and confidence and knowledge and feels good. Messy but good, like most good things. Lol. And as I am watching e videos how to do all this, it occurs to me that most people pay other people money to do something they have never done out of fear or ignorance or laziness when they could easily do it themselves if they simply did a little research and tried. And then I realized that everything is like that. I had never made a quilt but wanted to make a personalized one for each of my kids and just did it. And the first one was hard and the second was easier. How true that is of everything. Just do it! 🙂

Anti Laziness Frame of Mind

Lazy has never been an option for me. Trust me, I may have wanted to be lazy sometimes, but also trust that I was never allowed to follow down that road. And truly, internal drive and unprecidented energy levels always have prevented it. I got pretty close in my recent deep grieving recently but am snapping out of it now and getting back to work. The thing is, lazy is hideous and unacceptable to me. Lazy in movement, lazy in self discipline, lazy in thinking, lazy in worship, all of it is detestable. Why do I feel so strongly about it? Because of my late Daddy who instilled within me from an early age that laziness is a disrespectful waste of what God has given us to do and is aw definitive lack of stewardship (a word rarely spoken now but should be taught everywhere) of the gifts from God. Whatever we do, we are doing for God not people, not even our often selfish selves. And we are awreccountable for what we do with what we are given. So fight it. Laziness is a bad habit and fighting it requires some energy put into starting a good habit to replace it. Start small, cleaning your room (are you listening, kids?). Clean out the car. Bake some cookies are nd take them to a friend, like me. Write a note of encouragement and mail or text it. Read your Bible. Pray. Call someone. Take a friend out for coffee, like me. Take a walk. Do something. So worth it!!! 

Screen Door on a Submarine 

Everyone who of my friends growing up knew I never missed a Rich Mullins concert, knew all of his songs, had and played every tape (this was back a bit) or CD, played and sang his songs in church and at camp, spoke with him on several occasions, etc. People called me to give condolences when he died. Sounds like I was a bit too much of a fan, right? Lol. Nonetheless, he had a song about faith called Screen Door. The point of it was that “faith without works is like a song you can’t sing, it’s about as useless as a screen door on a submarine.” Having faith in God does not benefit anyone but you unless you apply it and do something useful to other people. It may be as simple as helping someone. Ow their lawn when they’ve been ill, walk a dog for someone, open the door, for heaven’s sake smile, teach your children about God, live so they see your light shine, vote, babysit for a single mom and don’t charge her, prayi g right then with hurting people, send an encouraging card out, whatever you find to do. But having faith is nice for you and that is it. Applying it and getting out and doing some service or sharing what you have is beneficial to the kingdom of God. God notices these efforts and rewards them. Some misguided souls call this karma. It is God rewarding good deeds and punishing bad ones. His involvement is unavoidable. Our involvement is our choice.

Exercising Genius

Having always fought the chub in my genetically endowed self all throughout life, and moreso when men and society started saying thin was in and fat was only cute in a cat, I of course exercised and still do. I sought personal trainers, went on websites, tried this fad program and this book on it. And the genius of exercise, I deduced, was finding something I actually wanted to do and doing that. I love tennis. I love swimming. Those things are readily available and I can do them. I walk and have a place close by so I do that. If I try too many other programs or things that don’t really interest me, I don’t do them for long, even with an exercise buddy. So there it is. Do what you like. Just do something. And your heart will be all the better for it (and so will your mood). Have a great day!!! 🙂

A Worship Forest of Praise Trees

Sometimes the worship forest is not seen through the praise trees. Seems a weird concept, but stay with me. We praise God. Yay! We should. He is so worthy! He is incredible, so much we can not even fathom it. However, we often can miss the fullness of a lifestyle of worship to God by thinking all that is involved is bunches of praise. It is far more than that. Why? How can this be? Praising God is one aspect of putting Him first in life and walking worthy of His generous gifts and blessings to us- from life itself to an amazing view of nature to someone smiling or holding the door for us. Living worthy of that goes well beyond praising the Praiseworthy One but also obeying Him. Ouch. Really? Yep. We have to not just stay high on the mountain of praise and meander down to the valleys to serve the unserved and love the unloved to show them what they do not see of our Savior through their own misfortunes. Worship involves all that as well as the praise. The forest of worship is a higher calling than tending the trees of praise. Yes, the trees are vital but not everything. We must take what we know of God and our Savior Jesus Christ to a world that needs to see that truth through their own distractions. We must be God to them. That is worship and I aspire to a lift of worship and not just of praise. If we all adopted that desire and acted on it, the world would be changed yet again.