I consulted with a patient the other day who told me that he could solve all the social wrongs of the world and fighting and disputes. Intrigued, I asked him his plan. He replied that he would teach everyone that we are all relatives. We all come from the same ancestors, the same two people. There are differences in shades, tones, eye color, skills, body type, personalities, so on but we are all related because of and built by the same stuff. DNA in our genes is our commonality, our source of connectedness. Further, we are divinely made, so our mutual Creator also binds us. And I had to agree with him. In an ideal world where this truth was indeed taken as true and factual, we would be looking out for each other because we are all related. However, until Heaven comes, this world is fear from ideal. I would love it to be ideal but there is this thing called evil. There is an enemy of our God who hates us because we were lovingly made by God. So, we have greed, lust for power, ignorance, unholy lust, selfishness, pride, terror, lawlessness, war. People do not want to let these things go. People want to do evil, ignorantly choosing to believe this world is all there is and not realizing there is an eternity to spend somewhere after human flesh has worn out. We have souls. We have souls that are connected. Some connections feel stronger than others because of commonalities, but all are equally validity truth be told. So, my dear patient was quite right in theory but until we embrace that theory as truth and breathe life into it, we will do fine to have a messed up world constantly in need of God’s grace and hope. And thank God we have both when we ask Him for it!

A Long Line of Choices

We in the human race descend from some great geniuses of the world and some reliably awkward wackos. We share the same deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA/ genes) as great and insane men and women of our past. It is impossible to differentiate which gene concoction we have built into our cellular stores. We could have the most problematic, sickly type or the most healthy, solution oriented type. We could have social or antisocial genes. We could have skinny or fat genes. We could have ugly or beautiful genes or anything in between. One thing remains. We have absolutely no control over what we have to start with. And along with that, each and every person has the amazing and universal choice to make as to how they will use what they have been given. We can be very lazy and noncommittal and blame bad genes on this attitude and refuse to do anyone but ourselves any good whatsoever. Or. And this is important. We can choose to be the very best and most useful us we can possibly be. Because there is always hope to help. We are made exactly the way we are for some reason. What a treasure to be able to try different things and find out what we are good at and love doing and help other people with it! How absolutely worthless when people choose to do nothing and live in despair without trying anything. What a waste of a life. I believe we are rewarded when we do good and be the best we can. I believe we are rewarded both now and in heaven. The way this world is going, heaven is closer than we think and we never know when something will happen and we find ourselves there. Better to be ready and have been productive with the gifts given us. Right?